18 June 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






June 18, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

How is my Honey tonight? Still love me?—Sure and I guess you do as I’m sure I read it two or three times in your letter today. It never gets old either—Never will.

I rather imagine this will be another short letter as nothing happened today and it is so hot that it is misery to move. Everybody in this barracks is sitting on or lying on their bunks with nothing on but their shorts. I’ll bet it is so hot that they wouldn’t even move if a troop of girls came in—Oh I don’t know about that—These soldiers go nuts when they see a nice looking girl—After staying in the army women are a novelty—so you’d better carry a gun when I come home—on a long stiff corset or something—or sompin) for protection—Unh?


I just returned from “Mrs. Murphys” had a nice walk, sat down for a awhile and talked to her and came back up and here I am writing to you again.

I had my hair trimed up tonight—It was so hot the barber had to put talc. powder on the back of my neck to dry up the sweat so he could cut it. And he was worse then I because he was moving around.

The trucks are broke in now and we won’t be going out for awhile. They are preparing them for the field now. I wish we would go on maneuvers or something but I don’t think we are organized enough for that—in fact I know we are not.

“L’Amour Tous Jour” means “Love Always” or “Love You Always” or something similar. Its pretty—No?—Yes. Both the song and the idea is very much O.K. Well—Honey—Guess I’ll have to say—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

J’aime Vous Tous Jour—(almost right)

x Walt x     x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

x Walt x



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