2 June 1942

This short letter is mostly about some friends (?) of Walt and Ruth who married and had a baby, although both events come as a surprise. I don’t know who Elmer is.

A transcript follows the letter images.





June 2, 1942.

Hello Darling:—

I love you; I love you! I’ll always love you.

I wrote it twice and then once for good measure as I didn’t write last nite. I got the stationary out and intended to write, but just as I started to write an article in a magazine caught my eye, I started to read and, alas!, I was still reading when the lights went out, so, I beg your pardon Mademoiselle, I am so sorreeee, I shall try to not be so absent minded.

And Honey—you could have knocked me over with a feather when you told me the news. So they were married on Aug. 2, Holy Smokes. They sure acted rather funny to me married when I first met them, what do you think—So they have a bouncing baby unh?—Man oh man—I’m still supprised—S-funny she didn’t tell you before—And remember the cracks about her being fat—altho it was early yet—But you even wrote in your letters to me that she told you (illegible cross out) she was gaining weight.—No wonder—I’ve heard


most people (women) do under the same circumstances—Haven’t you heard the same thing—Still sounds funny, Unh?—Don’t misunderstand me—by funny I mean odd, strange, queer, or “sompin.” It’s perfectly allright tho—Hope she, the baby and “Pappy” Elmer get along perfectly O.K. and celebrate many happy returns of the occasion—(if they can afford it.) Well—you can congratulate them for you and me all at once maybe unh? The first thing I did was (start) to start counting the mos. but if she’s right—its allright—if she’s wrong—it’s still allright—Things like that don’t bother me much as I’m rather broad minded on the subject—why I should be thinking about that part of it is beyond me—Just funny thats all. I sin sincerely hope they all make out O.K. and maybe someday (I hope) they can congratulate a couple of other young people—

Well Honey—this was payday—and I have to get some supplies, so, I’ll say

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love you

x Walt x

(-   – – – –   – – -)
J’aime Vous.


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