21 June 1942

Walt and Rummel are going to see My Favorite Blonde. Here’s the trailer:

A transcript follows the letter images.













June 21, 1942

Hello Sweetheart:—

I Love You—Didn’t you know that? Well—I do—more, more everyday—Stealing sombodies stuff there—aren’t I?

Oh well,—it is all the same in Dutch—I Love You.

I’m in Manhattan again—I started a letter to you yesterday noon and had to “fall out” before I could finish it, and then I left later on in the afternoon for here. So if you get a couple of mixed up letters you will know why.


I Love You

Rummel and I went riding again last night,—We rode by a place where the tornado hit on the 19th.. It took two houses and a barn and smashed them all to pieces, there was nothing left but the ground floor. The people hid in the (illegible cross out) cellar and came thru unhurt—lucky unh?

Gee Honey, I sure wish you could be here to ride with me.—Someday—we’ll ride.


I’ve been “broke” and today will finish Rummel—So I reckon we will have to wait for a few days before we ride anymore.

This is another hot day as usual—I’m getting more used to the heat now tho, I suppose by the time another mo. is over I’ll be able to walk thru a fire and not even notice it.

You wonder if I’m like other fellows—You must of meant do I care whether you go out or not, at least


that is all I could gather from the sentence—No I don’t care in the least—Goodness, Gracious Me oh my—You have to do something do you not? Now—if it was going out with another fellow that would be a different story—but I don’t think you meant that. These guys that tell their girls they can do this and can’t do this give me a “pain.” I think—If  girl hasn’t common sense enough to do what is right what is the use of saying anything—Find another one—


The same thing applies to a fellow—If one person loves another one—They aren’t going out and do anything they (had) shouldn’t—Now don’t you think that is right—

Ha—Now if you meant something else and I “didn’t get” it.—Then—I sure have went to a lot of trouble explaining something you didn’t want to know—Ha.—But it gave me something to write about—didn’t it?


So—whenever you feel like doing anything or going someplace—”Hop to it”—In times like these people should seek some kind of a (diversion) [below line and included in parentheses: don’t look right]—Or maybe I should say—they do whether they should or not—Every war brings about new and usually “faster and hotter” types of living and things and stuff seems to get a little wilder.

(From “So” until “diversion” was pertaining to you—The rest was just a comment on people


in general.

I have a habit of jumping from one thing to another in the same paragraph. No? Yes. And did you ever see anyone in all your life who uses the kind of punctuation marks I do—I get question marks and dashes,—commas, etc. all mixed up—but—I know what I mean and always wonder if other people know or whether the wonder—Nuts Unh?

Now Honey—Just (becas) because I “spouted” off


about Jean Dailey—it doesn’t mean that I think she was right—No! So don’t get any funny ideas—Ha—At least while I’m in Kans.—Your the one that is right. (illegible cross out) I know that but you see—Sometimes I know (t) what is right but sometimes don’t pay much attention to what I know—I guess you would call a guy like that a “fool” Yes—Well anyway—It takes all kinds of people to make a world.


Well Honey—guess I’ll have to see where Rummel went—He’ll think I’m going to write all afternoon—And by the looks of these sheets of paper—I’ve made a pretty good start.

I don’t don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t write—If I could think of enough to say I would—You sure have been more faithful about writing to me then I have been in writing to you—I’ll try and make up for it


someday tho—If I ever get half a chance.

I think Rummel wants to see “My Favorite Blonde” this afternoon—So—I’ll say to my favorite blonde—

(Good Afternoon) }Nuts.

(Good Afternoon)

Good Afternoon


I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note written vertically on edge of paper:

A.P.O.—(Army Post Office)


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