22 June 1942

After being passed over for a furlough again, Walt learns he will be living in a pup tent, while his barracks is turned into a mess hall to accommodate the arrival of the 14th Cavalry. Here’s an example of such tent living at Fort Riley, which can’t be much fun:


A transcript follows the letter images.







June 22, 1942

Hello Sweetest, Sweetest, Sweetheart:—

Here I am again with some bad news and a lot of (rumorn) rumors.

There were sixteen names listed on the bulletin board for furloughs, and mine was one that wasn’t there.

I’m very disappointed and I suppose you will be too—I rather expected it but was hoping—I guess hoping doesn’t do any good. I sure would have liked to come and see you, but I guess the cards are stacked against me—but I’ll still keep hoping and one of these days I’ll strike it lucky—I guess I’ve been too lucky most of my life and when I plan something and it doesn’t happen—well—I get in a terrible mood—but I might (be) as well snap out of it for it won’t do me any good.

As for rumors:—

I guess it is a settled fact that


the 14th. Cav. is coming back here from Arizona. The whole 15 Cav. will be at Whitside then to make room for it. We will have to live for awhile in “Pup” tents—and they will make “Mess Halls” out of the barracks we are now living in.—Won’t that be something.

I also heard that the Troop C.O. recieved a telephone call from Headquarters asking how many trucks it would take to move our troop—I don’t know just what that means.

You see—We soldiers pick rumors out of most anything and most of the time they are wrong—like the phone call for instance, it probably don’t mean a thing—but that is the only method we have of finding anything out.

Another one is:— That we may go on maneuvers (on) in Aug.—So you see—We don’t know anything.


I recieved  my Gov’t. driving license today for a 2 1/2 ton G.M.C.—That means I must drive (satisfactoy nuts) O.K.

I hope we don’t get any rain while we are in the tents or we will look like drowned rats. Oh My—tsk-tsk.

It was a little cooler today—Wouldn’t be bad if it would stay this way. It isn’t so cool that I can’t lie on my bunk in my shorts tho.

I sure hope I get in on the next furlough—I guess my luck has run out, darn it.

Beatrice Kay is on—She makes me laugh as much as I can laugh tonight. I don’t feel much like laughing to tell the truth.

Oh well—whether is I get to see you soon or not—I still think your the sweetest, loveliest girl I ever or ever hope to know.

Nothing will ever change that, even


if I have a snow white beard a foot long when I get out. I know it won’t be that long tho—Love me? Wish I could hear you answer.

There is a very pretty song on the radio now—I don’t know the name and can’t understand the words—but I like it.

Well Honey—Guess I will wait until tomorrow and maybe I’ll be in a better mood for writing—So.—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You very very very much [written multiple times at angles]

I see you

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

I               You

I   Love   You

I               You


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