23 June 1942

I wonder what Ruth said that has Walt confused about whether she is coming to visit or not. Whatever it was, he certainly takes it in the way that favors him the most.

Walt recommends staying in Manhattan, specifically at the Gillett Hotel. You can find some pictures and descriptions of the historic downtown area that Walt and Ruth might have visited here:

City of Manhattan Historic Preservation

Historic Properties in Manahattan

Here is a brief account and photos of the Gillett Hotel. You can enlarge the photos in the display. Even if Ruth doesn’t stay at the Gillett, these sites will give an idea of the town.

A transcript follows the letter images.












June 23, 1942.

Hello Ruth Darling:—

Looks like I’m all turned around doesn’t it. Ha.

I recieved your letter and stamps today and it has me rather (illegible cross out) curious.

I guess you are planning to come out here, if so—Hoorayh! [the y and h are written on top of each other]

The names were put on the board and I wasn’t (my name) I told you last night and hadn’t even got your letter asking for the info. You say not to ask any questions, or imply the same thing, and you’ll explain when you see me,—Well—


I’m going to assume or presume or make believe you are coming out and answer a few questions that you might like to know.

There are 3 possible places that you could stay—

1. Junction City—but take my advice and forget it.

2. The “Guest House” at Camp Funston—I’ll elaborate a little. The rates aren’t bad but I don’t think you would like it—It is right in the middle of (another) an army camp and it wouldn’t be a very good


place to stay—besides there would be a lot of “red tape” to go thru; getting passes to get in side the reservation and nothing whatsoever to do all day and ditto at night.

3. Manhattan—It is the best place—Not a bad little town—a college town but the college is in a different section of town—on the outskirts. There are at least two good Hotels—the rates at one are $1.50 and up—at the other $1.75 and up.—Gelette or Gellette or “Sompin” is the name of one and I can’t think of the other. There are probably more then two, of course but I don’t know them.


I could get leave from camp at night and go there on the bus. (Remember that I just think your coming—so, if not this will probably seem funny—and you’ll be getting a lot of travel info. free.)

Remember this, you can’t get into the reservation unless you were are going straight thru. I don’t know whether you are planing to come alone or not, or the inside facts of the case—such as time (length of time),—cash,—when or just nothin!

If you were going to be here for a couple of day—the hotel would probably be best—if for a (illegible cross out) week or two—maybe a room (illegible cross out)


at some private home—or well you see, you probably know more then I do about it.

If you should happen to come around the 4th—well—I get paid on the 3rd—If nothing happens. That would be better as I’m “broke” and if you’re here I sure would want some money.

I don’t know just what you have planned so I guess I’ve done some pretty good guessing. If you meant something else—My curiosity is aroused more then ever for when I can’t guess something it just slays me—Pronto—Right now!

I’m “Charge of Quarters at the


Garage tonight and I am alone—so there isn’t a soul bothering me.

It is raining tonight—Hard—tomorrow we are supposed to move into our “pup tents”—boy I’ll bet that will be a muddy mess.—And I don’t imagine any too comfortable.

There are more rumors floating around—A fellow told me tonight that every Troop C.O. in the 15 Cav. has to hand in to Hdq., a statement telling how much rail transportation it would take for his Troop. Also the truck transportation available—That is just a rumor but it sounds funny—”Damn it” [above line: excuse please]—they never tell you a thing in this place.


I’ve just read your letter again and it still has me going in circles—I’ve read it a dozen times if I’ve read it at all.

I just thought of something, if you want to and know anyone who has a pair—you might like to go riding.—Maybe not tho—Just happened to think of it—You would probably like to be able to sit down while you’re here.

I’ve tried every way imaginable to figure another meaning out of your letter—but seem to fail.

If you want my blood pressure to stay normal you’ld better be more explicit.

(For once you sure have me guessing.) Ha.


It has stopped raining and the sun is shining, can you beat that—This weather is like a woman, you can’t tell what they are going to do next.

Well Honey, I rekon I’d better sign off and if I don’t get a good nights sleep I’ll blame it all on you—but would be more then willing to lose sleep every night for you.


Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

(– –––– –––)

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

x Walt x


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