24 June 1942

Walt and the rest of the soldiers are indeed living in tents, but not the pup tents as he first thought. Wall tents are a little bigger, perhaps like the one below. Still cramped, but apparently large enough to sleep eight.


As if it’s not bad enough that he’s living in a tent, Walt assumes he guessed wrong about Ruth coming to visit, because her last letter was all about burning her tongue and cosmetics rationing.

A transcript follows the letter images.






June 24, 1942

Hello Honey:—

We are now living in tents—They turned out to be wall tents with 8 fellows in each tent and are they crowded—We don’t have room to turn around and have to crawl over each others beds—tsk-tsk—

I guess you must of meant something else then what I guessed, as you didn’t mention it in today’s letter—Well you recieved some travel info. anyway, would like to see you very much but of course I would rather come back there as there would be someplace to go—Altho—We could find plenty to do here—I usually can find plenty—And anyway—I don’t think we’d need much—we


would probably spend our time looking at each other—Yes.

I’m glad Mary Jean and Elmer are off to a good start—Wish them luck—Maybe someday we can get off to as good a one or better. I hope so.

I’d like to go up on a furlough, when I get a furlough, if and when.

So— —Burned your tongue unh?—That’s too bad—I know—I burned mine about a week ago—and it sure is uncomfortable.

If they are going to ration cosmetics—you had better get a supply—I guess (illegible cross out) they area necessity in this day (illegible cross out) and age—Altho I guess as long as they continue to make “parfum” it will be O.K.—That is what I like.

We have no lights at all—so I guess there will no need for


a bugle at “lights out.”

Another rumor—I’ve heard from a half dozen (illegible cross out) fellows today that somebody told them that they heard—etc—that in a few wks. we are moving to Fort Myers, Virginia—I’m going to quit writing rumors they are coming to thick and fast—

Well Honey—Guess I’ll say—Goodnight Honey—Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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