25 June 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






June 25, 1942

Hello Darling:—

Here I am again with another short epistle of love and good wishes and etc. That sure is a messy affair isn’t it? Ha.

Talk about hot—whew! I’m not kidding, everytime I raised a particle of food to my mouth tonight a drop of sweat fell off the end of my nose and lit right in it—I didn’t have to salt it at all. I went to take a shower and for ten minutes there wasn’t any water at all on the floor—It hit my shoulders and soaked right in—No kiding—no fooling—or sompin—when it did start to run out the end of my toes the steam flew off it and almost blinded me. Let me tell you it sure is warm.

Sixteen cents worth of stamps—That still has my curiosity (or sompin) arroused—Holy Hell—I can’t even spell my name tonight—That sure is a lot of stamps for one letter—if it went thru any faster then usual you should of got it today—so—I ought to hear about it Sunday—No—Yes.

I’ve been sitting here for an hr. talking to a fellow about airplanes.—We had a nice talk but that isn’t getting your letter



These tents aren’t so bad after you start to get used to them—Nothing bothers me anymore—I wouldn’t care is we didn’t even have a tent. We have the sides rolled up and a strong breeze is blowing thru it—feels pretty good.—We moved the garage today—I think it was the hardest I’ve worked since I’ve been here.

Everybody claims we will only be in these tents about 4 (mor) weeks—I don’t know where we will be then—Just more rumors.—

Well Honey—this is short—but I hope it’s just as sweet as it is short—So—

Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

Got a kiss for me?

I’ll just take one anyway—K.O? O.K.

x xxxx xxx

– –––– –––

0 0000 000

(                     )

I see you.

x Walt x


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