3 June 1942

It looks like Walt dated this letter “Jan 3” instead of June, but it is postmarked June 4, and the content of spending his pay follows the news in the previous letter that he just got paid and needs to buy some supplies. So I’m confident this is a June letter.

Near the end of the letter, Walt says that he is regusted (in quotation marks), and that puzzled me for a while. I zoomed in as close as possible until I was pretty sure of the spelling. Then I searched the web and discovered it was a popular word from the Amos ‘n Andy radio show, a show with blackface characters who performed comic sketches. I do, actually, remember seeing the show of the same name on television in the 1950s, although black actors performed in those lead roles (thankfully). Walt would have only known the radio show. If you’re not familiar with Amos ‘n Andy, there is a good history of it here. and you can find some YouTube videos of the television program.

A transcript follows the letter images.






Jan 3, 1942

Hello Sweetheart:—

How is my Ruth this evening?—I love you.

Well Honey, I went to town last nite, (to Manhattan). I had a crystal put in the watch you gave  (bless your dear little heart) and it is ticking merrily along. It sure had been a long time since I broke it. And seems like a very long time since you gave it to me. Say, that was awfull of me—opening Cristmas presents on Xmas eve Unh? I love you.

I also had my ring fixed—remember where it was broken on the bottom? Then I bought shoe polish, Cig., a pipe, pipe tobacco, a couple pair of socks, a pair of colored glasses (I’ve broke them already) soap—a tablet—razor blades and the only knows how many bottles of beer—too many. So now I have a dollar and a few cents left, so, I’ll hibernate the rest of the mo. Ha—

Our school is over and I am still going to the garage as a Mechanic (whether or no) [illegible cross out] So far rather like it—I’m nuts unk unh?

Boy oh boy is it Hot!!!! Hotter!!!!

I got a letter from Sis Ruth today—She suggested that I suggest (like somebody else I know) that you and my mother come out here if I can’t come there—Hope I can come there.


But was thinking—You said your mother and you—So if it ever does happen—I reckon both mothers could come—Unh?—But—I hope I get to go there tho—You see—the trouble is—(I j)If I ever do get a furlough I won’t know until two or three days before—So how will we know whether I’ll get one or not—It looks doubtful tho—very much so—no furl furloughs at all until June 30. and I probably won’t get one then. I am pretty “regusted” on that score.—I tell you.

You and Twila sure are going to the dogs—tsk-tsk!—2:45—tsk, tsk!!—Tom Collins—tsk,tsk—I believe I never met the guy—Whats he like? Ha—My goodness—this younger generation—Wish I could of met him with you—But—

Well Honey                    I Love You

Until tomorrow               I Love you

Goodnight Sweetheart—Yo te Amo

[(YOUR FUTURE HUBBY) (loves you)]

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)

J’aime Vous


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