4 June 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.





June 4, 1942

To My Beautiful Sweetheart—I Love You

It gets “hotter” and more scorching every day—Even warmer then, than, that or “sompin” No jive! [underlined below line: jive]

I was just talking to a guy in my barracks (just moved in) and when he found out I lived in Youngstown he told me he had been to the Jungle Inn.—close to home huh? Wish you and I could go out to (the) a “joint” unh?—Yes Honey, I sure do.

I can’t think of much to say to night for some reason—I just sit here and think instead—Funny—You tell me I do the same thing—Many’s the time I just sit and stare into space,—I write something


to you and it will remind me of something and I will just stop and rem__Ha__ (I can’t spell it) remember.

I went over to the garage today as usual—I didn’t do anything—as usual—Ha.—

More Rumors:—

An acting Corp. told me they were going to send 5 or 6 fellows on furloughs at a time. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I think I will stop mentioning furloughs to you,—for, (If) It will just keep you wondering—thats what it does to me, I just stay on edge on that subject. —H Nuts—Boy am I writing terrible—Unh?—


the longer I write the faster I write and also the worse I write.

I still am slightly astounded about Mary Jean and Elmer—tsk. Now wasn’t that sompin? Yes it sure was.

Do you ever hear from (illegible cross out) Dorothy or Harold or Alice and Lowell or Mildred or Ruthie or Ruby or anybody, Or have you taken any pictures yet—I’d like to see one or two or “tree”

I’ve set here for an hour and this is all I have written—and now it is time for the

[unnumbered page 4]

lights to go out—Time flies sometimes So

Until tomorrow

I Love You

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx
i love you

_   _ _ _ _   _ _ _

J’aime Vous

Yo te Amo



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