5 June 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.










June 5, 1942

Hello Sweetheart:—

How is my little darling tonight? O.K. Fine—I am too. Feel pretty good—I worked a little today for a change. I helped build a storeroom in the garage, for vehicle parts. Didn’t work hard as it is to hot—The sweat just pours off of a fellow—Your clothes get “ringing wet.” It seems almost to hot to smoke a cig, but you know me—I smoke anyway.

I am all by my lonesome tonight—I an “charge of Quarters” at the garage—So I have absolutely nothing to do but write—And I very likely won’t be able to think of a thing.

So Ruby would like to know just what we do at night unh?

[verso of page 1]

Well—I will tell you exactly.

About me for instance,—last month I was away from camp I think about 2 or 3 times—Exciting unh?—No:—The other nites I stayed in the barracks—Every nite the same old thing—Either I take a shower and eat or vice versa—usually the former if possible—Then I (go) polish my shoes, read once in a long while—write you a letter and then argue—An Army barracks is the worst place for arguments I ever saw—We just sit and argue over anything and the first thing you know it is “lights out”—and still we argue until we finally go to sleep—interesting?—No! Very uninteresting. You can plainly see why I would like to come home for a visit.


You can also see why soldiers raise so much “old Nick” when they do go to town. I will tell you a good reason for some of it.

If you take for an example a fellow who was used to drinking and could hold his “likker” fairly well—he gets in the army and doesn’t get a drink for 3 or 4 wks. at a time then when he does go—he takes on a few and suddenly gets “slightly under the influence” and can’t understand it—He used to drink twiced as much and never feel it.—My oh my,—what can the matter be—Whoopee—and the M.Ps. bring him home—Ha—thats a good picture of a lot of them.

So she wouldn’t trust her

[verso of page 2]

boyfriend unh?—Well, I’d say 50% weren’t (aren’t) to be trusted—maybe not that many—A lot of them say what they are going to do—but don’t even when they have the chance. But—

It don’t bother me—I haven’t seen a girl in Kansas that can “hold a candle” to you—they say there are some nice looking girls at Manhattan,—at the Kansas State College but I’ve never seen any of them—The only ones I’ve ever seen are (carn) “corn fed”—thick ankled—wobbledy (hiped) hipped,  (fal)(falled arched) etc. farmers.

It wouldn’t make any difference anyway as I don’t even feel like going with anybody but you.—So—So much for that I Love You—x xxxx xxx.


Evidently it doesn’t pay to be allergic to rubber unh? Tsk-tsk! Might be a mummy unh?—Thats bad—ummm—Yes’m—But Bad or not bad—They say a “hot box” doesn’t have any consience [above illegible misspelling]—But I don’t know for sure—I think I’ve seen one [above illegible cross out] that did—Excuse me—how in the devil did I get on that subject—or how do I ever get off it—is probably what you would say. unh? Well—I have to keep the home fires burning don’t I? or won’t you answer that question—Ha.

Well Honey—My hair is back to normal again—Want a handful—I’m going to leave it that way if possible.—How is your “War do” do do doing.

[verso of page 3]

Well Honey—Ha—I always start—Well Honey—etc.—Funny unh?

Well Honey as I was going to say I expect, suppose and imagine—figuring that I’d better begin to end this epistle,—(illegible cross out) no not apostle—epistle or episle or, or, or sompin—

So ————

Until tomorrow ————

My sweetheart ————

I shall say


I see you

I Love you

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

P. S. I love you.

Note inside envelope:

I (cat) won’t be able to mail this tonight



x Walt x


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