7 June 1942

By the context, I think Walt means for Mozumma, the Yiddish mazuma or cash. Did he already know the term or pick it up from his Joisey friend?

A transcript follows the letter images.







June 7, 1942.

Hello Ruth :—me leetle Darling:—

How—oh—I almost forgot:—I Love You—O.K. Now?—O.K.

I am in the U.S.O. at Manhattan. I just went to a show “The Lady Has Plans”—wasn’t bad—I went with a (fl) fella (Rummel) from Joisey—He had the “Mozumma”—I managed to have enough left for a round trip ticket here. We came over to the U.S.O.—to wash and get rid of some excess wt.—Ha—and I tho’t I had better write now as it might be after lights out when we go back.—Good idea unh? I’ve been missing a few letters lately—But I’ll


try and do better.

Remember how I wished for rain last nite. Well—It rained and cooled the air off a little—Boy—you can be thankfed thankful for such things as rain on Sundays sometimes.

I went over to “Funston” before I came here and ate—I met a guy I was at the C.R.T.C. with—He had a phonograph (electric) if I ever get the money—I think I’ll get one as then you can play what you like—I played “The Blue Danube” from “stem to stern” also “Tales from A Vienna

[unnumbered page 3]

Woods”—It is pretty too—I think I’ll go and get something to eat pretty soon and take a walk around the block and then go back to jail/barracks.

I guess I’d better go as Rummel is getting impatient—

Well—Honey—(illegible cross out)


See You Tomorrow


x Walt x

x xxxx xxx



Note inside envelope:

I Love You

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