9 June 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.








June 9, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Here I am again Honey, as per usual, I love you—I don’t mean I love you as per usual, I mean I love you! I guess it is as per usual after all—I really meant, as per usual I’m here again—If you get it, your doing O.K.

Yeah, I rather like my ring—I don’t know why especially—It isn’t so very pretty but I always fancied it looked good, with a white shirt especially—I’m screwy unh?

The reason I said I wouldn’t know about my furlough (if and when) until 2 or 3 days before was that the last time the fellows didn’t know for sure until the 2nd. day before—they had their names picked but never heard for sure until then.

No Honey—I don’t think it was terrible for you to stay out


late—I think it was perfectly O.K.—No Kidding or Kiding or something—What the heck—you have to do without sleep sometimes—I know I do—I often just sit on the steps until rather late—I’m a tellink you—you can get too much sleep—why you might even get fat or sleeping sickness or sompin—never can tell.

“Virginia Woods and her boyfriend etc.” Now my gracious lady, Who may she be? pray tell me—I believe it is the first time I have heard of her is it not, or did I just have a lapse of memory—It wouldn’t be uncommon if I did—My memory is like me, kind of short. unh? Well (anyb) anywho, It was nice of them, Who are they—What does he look like, what does he do—Also she— and anything else yoy [tail of y crossed out to make u] know—I’m always making y’s for us—Ha.

So your going to church the day before yesterday unh—Good—Fin—fine.


Rummel wants me to go into Manhatten and go to church with him next Sunday—I may if nothing unexpected happens—Which probably won’t as nothing ever happens.—

I drove a six x six (6×6) [|||||| X |||||||] in a small convoy for about 40 mi. today—We were breaking them in as they are new and only have about 300 mi. on them—They are pretty good size trucks and I had a lot of fun with them. If nothing happens I think we will take some longer trips with them—I hope a hope. It gets rather monotonous staying in the same place all the time. No?—Yes! but very.

I’ve been arguing for the last 15 min. on what the first drag on a cig. taste like, what the first drink of whisky taste like etc.—What dumb things we argue about.


Well—I suppose I’d better call it quits for tonight—It is getting rather late and there is too much noise to think of anything to say.

Well Honey—

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

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