01 March 1942


Mar. 1, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

[illegible sentence crossed out, looks like it mentions February once or twice by mistake]

Am I dumb, Ha.

Febuary has blew away
March is here awhile to stay,
Thru April I will pray
That I shall see you in May

If I may. May I?

This is a lovely Sabbeth day
The sun in glory holds full sway
If this a good omen portrays
I’ll be seeing you in May

If I may, O Happy day.

O Happy You
O Happy Me


Now wasn’t that something—Ha. I started out ordinarily and it so happened that they you went together so I continued. Now when I read it, it don’t sound so good.

I couldn’t go to town so I went to the Post Exchange on the “sly” a and—the “heck” with you—I’ll just send it—It isn’t what I wanted to send, but until I get to town it will have to do.

All I’ve done today is lay around on my bunk and read. Lazy bones. Unh? It makes the day go faster.

Gosh! Honey I must of talked myself all out of steam last night, I can’t think of much to say now.

It won’t be long till it will be bedtime—then we will go to—er—I shall go to bed.

You know—I laughed and laughed at that “break”—I was reading along


when, all at once that (poppe) came into view—just like I had heard you say it—I began to laugh and everybody was wondering what was so funny—As far as I’m concerned they are still wondering.

(O y) Oh yes—I’m on stable detail [illegible cross out] tomorrow—and do I hate that. I’ve been lucky tho. In all the time I’ve been here I’ve been on detail only once. I bet there isn’t another guy in the troop can say that.—I’ll probably get it more often now, tho. Hope not.

Well Ruth, my sweetheart

I love you truly, truly dear.

I love you


Sweet dreams

(- —- —)


[two rows of Xes in a v shape around closing]







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