10 March 1942


Mar. 10, 1942

Ruthie me darling:—

Long time no see. I was on stable police last night and didn’t get to write. So I will make up for it to-night.

I recieved the big picture of the Squadron and Regiment to-day, I will mail them as soon as I can, rather I’m sending the mounted one to you and the other one to Mom.

My leg is better, cold is the same and I hurt my damn (solder) shoulder today—if I keep on I will be a physical wreck instead of a (perfect specimen)—Ha—did I say that.

We shoot machineguns to-morrow, I think, When I say that I’m going to do something the next day and it


pertains to the army, don’t believe too much of it—As they tell you (illegible cross out) that you will do something and then (illegible cross out) they will change their mind 3 times in the next 5 min.—

Guess there is only about 108 fellows left in the troop now, the rest left today. Training is getting tougher right along, In away I suppose they can be glad they are gone. Some of them were kind of blue, especially one redheaded kid from New York, he was going to the State of Washington, and that is a long ways from home, He was (illegible cross out) a little worried (t) over the fact that he might not get home—that would be tough. Gosh Honey, if they ever send me that far I suppose my chances of getting home


would be about zero. I don’t know how I’d ever get that much gold. That’s a heck of a future to look to, but guess I hadn’t ought to kick—I asked for it. I sure hate to think of it tho.

3 of us guys write every nite (almost), Tony Mackiewicz, Jack Bennett and me. If (ome) one of us miss a night, there are 2 to keep up the good work. Ha.

I guess(we) I can’t (w) write any more—Every time I start (I) a word I make a mistake—Looks like a bunch of chicken tracks.

Your Grandmother bought you a vase unh?—She must be getting a little (bit) better (I doubt it tho). Ha.—I shouldn’t say anything I reckon,—She treated me O.K.—Maybe

Well guess I’ll sign off


for now.

I’ve some urgent business at Mrs. Murphys—Ha.


I love you


(- —- —)
I love you