11 March 1942

Ouch! Ugly language rears its head. Good thing Walt was in Kansas; the Ruth I knew would have washed his mouth out with soap.


Mar. 11, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

Well, here I am in the “Privy” again, and I can’t think of much to say—Guess I’ve told you about every thing that has happened so far. I can still tell you I love you—I’ll always be able to tell you that. Guess I can’t send the picture, don’t have enough stamps and that ain’t all—Some S.B. stole my last cake of soap and last wash cloth, if I catch him I’ll wring his damn neck. Yes’mm!

Jim Goddard and I talk about 1 1/2 hrs. straight tonight, about books, niggers, wops, wars, music,


trucks, guns, etc. we sure had a discussion deluxe, that is the reason I’m in the privy now.

I have to stand guard tonight from 11:00-1:00 and from 5:00-7:00,—on 2 off 4—now isn’t that the nuts. I’m so darn tired I don’t know which end is up, I guess that and spinach is what builds your “muskle” up. Ha.

Honey I’m going to quit for now—I just got a “hot tip” that they are going to have a blackout and everybody has to turn out of their bunks in the birthday suit if they can’t find anything to put on quick. Ha,—I’m going to be one jump

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ahead and be dressed. Ha.-Ha.

So Long Ruth


I love you.


I’ll pull a fast one, Ha.