12 March 1942

Walt includes a copy of a church newsletter referred to in his letter, mostly because he doesn’t know the people talked about. Well, do I feel old, because even though I wasn’t born yet when this letter was written, I knew some of the people talked about, like Dr. Beach and Grant and Nancy Jacobs.

Lucky Walt got some cookies from his mother and sister. I wonder if they were the sugar cookies that were always at my grandmother’s house, just a plain, kind of soft, rounded sugar cookie, with nothing fancy, and as I recall, not very sweet. I asked my Aunt Ruthie once if she had the recipe, but it was apparently not written down. You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to reproduce that cookie, but I always get the taste and texture wrong.

I haven’t found any copies on the Web of the Ladies’ Home Journal article Walt refers to, but as he notes, it’s not about the cavalry.


Dearest R

Mar. 12, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Back again, just eat “chow” and thot I would write now as I have to shine my boots, take a shower, etc.

I recieved a box of cookies from Mom and Ruth (sister). Ha—Most of them were smashed. Also got a letter from the F.C. church with two books of stamps, they ought to run me until I reach my next destination.

We shot the machine guns for the first time today. They are kind of interesting, its fun to opperate them. We rode this afternoon and practiced with an empty 45 pistol at a gallup. Next week


I guess we go thru the pistol charge with ammunition. Our basic training has just about reached an end.

Now that I have the stamps I can’t think how to mail the pictures without smashing them. I’ll probably find someway. Maybe I can mail them in a cig. carton box.

I think I will mail you the letter I got from the church, there is a lot of info. in it that don’t mean anything to me, and you probably know the parties concerned—I’m sure I don’t.

Mom said Aunt Dorothy is better but hadn’t been downstairs yet when she wrote.

Say Honey am I tired tonight,


I only got 2 hrs. sleep last night and haven’t had my shoes off since yesterday morning, My feet feel like lead—Ha.

In the last issue of the L.H. Journal, there is quite a piece about F.R. and the C.R.T.C.—But they are nuts, it is written mostly about a fellow in the Mechanized and (of course) they can’t be compared with the Horse Cavalry. Ha.

You know the letter I finished so hurriedly last nite,—Well they didn’t have the blackout after all—I might just as well of finished it.—I was fooled that time.—As usual! I’m having trouble writing this some guy has been talking to me for about 20 min. He’s from

[unnumbered page 4]

Oregon. He don’t talk much to most of the fellows, but like I told you before, if anybody has any troubles or something to talk about they come to me.—Ha—I’m glad to have them but wish they wouldn’t come when I’m writing to you.

Well Honey, guess I will say goodnight

See you tomorrow


I love you


(- —- —)

Love me?—Yes.—I love you.


Note written on back of enclosed newsletter from Walt and Ruth’s church:

I just noticed Honey that I’ve only 4 envelopes left, and well for some reason or another can’t get any.







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