15 March 1942 (2)

In this misdated letter, there is too much about girdles and not enough about the “Western” Walt went to see, for my taste, but I wasn’t the letter recipient. Maybe Ruth got a good laugh about how Walt imagined a choking girdle, and it tells us more about Walt’s—Prof. Screwloose’s—joking nature.

If you’re really interested, here’s a site discussing women’s lingerie in the 1940s, with some good pictures of girdles with garters: http://vintagedancer.com/1940s/1940s-lingerie-history/


Feb. 15, 1942

Hello Darling,

(Fel) Feeling a lot better today, Hope I feel as much better tomorrow.

So you had to get supper yourself—I wish you could be getting supper for me—I’d help with the dishes, honest I would.

As you can see, I swiped some paper last nite. Might as well—saves wear and tear on somebodies pocketbook.

Well guess, I Well I made a pretty good guess as to when you would finish the bathtub cover. (If) I’m glad it’s done for your sake—I guess you wanted to finish it. I imagine it would get monotonous using the same color—it would make your eyes tired.

Honey—One spot in your letter made me laugh. Ha—I’m still laughing, it just struck me funny.


It was where you said you were yawning and that your “girdle” was choking you—Ha-Ha I’m still laughing,—I (a) suppose it is rather uncomfortable (f) to wear one of those damn things Ha. Holding, squeezing, choking, pinching and etc. I know there are times when they are a nuisance—of course they shouldn’t be—I’ll tell you what—You should take sitting up exercises and reduce.—Ha-Ha—When I first saw it—well you know how slow I am, I thought first about your neck—But then I couldn’t (fig) (f) imagine a girdle around anybodies neck unless they were going to use the garters to hold up there slip (on) or else if they had a broken neck and then it would have to be a very small girdle. And then I wondered how on earth (they) it could choke you if it was in its proper possition—The only thing I could figure it would choke—well, I didn’t (thing) think it was tight enough. Ha-Ha.


But then, I suppose a girdle has its advantages just the same as anything else. It offers very good protection (to) against—well—well just against. That is it is a hindrance. Also I imagine it helps you from eating to much or if you do eat too much—why it would keep you from holding the vile stuff for an excessive lenth of time, etc.—On, On into the night. You know Honey—I think I could write an essay on the girdle. Would you like to (her) hear an essay on more parts of womens apparel. Ha-Ha. Just write to Prof. Screwloose and he will do his best.

Well Ruth—I went to a show for the first time since I came here, It turned out to be a “Western”—it was better then the usual run of them tho. Jim Goddard took me. Bless his soul.

You know Honey—I don’t know why—especially any more now then [illegible cross out] usual—I suppose because its Sun.


evening. But I (suppose) sure would like to be with you tonight. Must be the weather.

Well Honey—guess I’ll close for tonight. Wish I could give you one sweet kiss—wish you could give me one sweet kiss.

I Wish, I Wish, I Wish.


I love you


To my sweetheart from her sweetheart


x Walt x

(- —- —)











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