15 March 1942

Here’s another instance of letters being misdated by Walt, but I could clearly tell by the note paper, by some of the content, and by the postmark that this and the next few letters belong in March. I think I sometimes caught these errors when I was initially scanning the letters, but obviously not all the time. Yes, it seems odd that Walt would have gotten the month wrong all the way into the middle of a month, but, y’know, he is writing a lot of letters, almost one and sometimes more a day.

I have no idea what a bathtub cover is, and haven’t been able to find anything even suggesting it online, so your guess is as good as mine.

The Palmer Method, which I had to look up, was a method for cursive handwriting. According to the article, it was replaced in the 1950s by another method that taught printing before cursive writing. Now here we are in 2016 when children are no longer being taught to write cursive at all. Luckily I’m still here to translate the cursive writing in these letters.


Feb. Ha ’42

I don’t know.

Hello Dearest:—

I am tired sitting around so I pulled a “sneak” and came up here (Service Club.) I had a book that was overdue at the Library, and had to bring it back. Tho’t I (wou) might just as well make use of the free stationary and also the desk. Maybe you can read this a little better, I doubt it tho. I am “rotten” at Palmer Method—Ha.

My leg is better—shoulder is better—cold the same, can’t hardly talk. Ha. Some guy is playing the piano, he is pretty good. Do you ever play anymore? Play one for me.

Take it easy on those funny feelings Honey—Hope you are better. I never like to think of you not feeling well.

Well, you ought to have the bath tub cover finished now, I’ll bet it looks nice. Your the type to make things like that look good. I’ll bet it is just as dainty as you are.


Well my dear, if you don’t have any money you are in the same fix I’m in. I bet (I) you could have heard me sigh for joy when the Camels came in today. I had been rolling my own for 3 days. Ha.

No Ruth, your not downstairs all alone, I know a little feller—Black hair (almost), brown eyes, He loves you very much—He’s right with you Honey—I know your with him—all the time—He carrys you with him where ever he goes—His most beautiful thoughts go flying back to you. As he will be flying back to you as soon as he (illegible cross out) can.

I was sorry to hear about Dorothy’s Aunt dying. Theres some nice people in Clarion Co. that’s where some of my ancestors came from—Ha.

About that “extra” in the show—I suppose when my wife has a baby I’ll be in bed too—Ha.

About Twila’s boyfriend—I don’t believe I’d pull the same trick. I would take


my girl (illegible cross out) and get her a milkshake in preference to taking someone else.

(illegible cross out) Now I can’t see why your mother should wake you just when we were about to kiss each other—But that’s just like mothers—Ha. I sure don’t know what to think of that mule, but, If I tho’t we could be married I’d ride a white donkey from here to Ohio to be there. Only if we were going on a parade I’d let you ride only I don’t suppose (yo) it would appeal to you much. Ha.

Boy is it hot in here—the “piss”peration is running right down the middle of my back—I suppose that is as good a place as any for it to run to tho—just so it don’t run to far—Ha—”Fine Ting.”

Well Ruthie my darling—I think I’ll close for tonight—see you tomorrow—Sweet dreams—


(- —- —) I love you

x Walt. x

Wish I could see you tonight.

[unnumbered page 4]

I had to cut some off to fit the envellope




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