16 March 1942


Feb. 16, 1942

Shure an’ how’s me darling tonight;—

Well Honey—my shoulder is a lot better tonight and my leg didn’t hurt at all. My cold is a little better and my voice is coming back, so, I would say I was rapidly regaining my health. You can cancel the flowers. Thanks very much tho. It was very sweet of you.

Ha, Don’t mind me, I’m just going haywire, it must be the Army.

So you got a letter from Mary Jean. Well I’d say it was about time, She sure has taken long enough to write, maybe she’s been busy. That was some box of candy she recieved,—it sure would be a supprise.


And say—Ha-Ha. If you meant what I tho’t you meant—(about the bride)—If you meant something else,—is my face red.—Anyway—Now just think—wouldn’t that be a calamity+. My oh my! I think when we get married I’ll let you set the date and it had better be well planned and and dated.—Better start taking iron—Ha.—Don’t you think thats sensible. Why I’ll bet that poor man was beside himself.

You know Ruth, when you write letters like that, they make me smile,—I like them. It is more like or as if we were


talking to each other.

I got a nice box from Aunt Ruth today. Cookies, shaving cream, toothpaste, razor blades, 2 oranges, 2 candy bars, 2 camels. O.K. Unh!

How are you and your bosses getting along now?

You’ld better Ruby to take it easy on her boyfriend—tell her she knows what happens to a nagging wife—Ha. I think Ruby’s allright, She’ll probably make out allright. I betcha.

(T) The Lts. told us everybody would be leaving between the 17th (tomorrow) and the 27th. Time grows shorter and

[unnumbered page 4]

shorter and the suspension greater and greater.

My blue eyed, fair haired darling isn’t getting anymore funny feelings in her stomach, is she? I hope not.—Better not.

Well Sweetheart I will say goodnight


I love you



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