19 March 1942

This letter includes clips from magazines—I hope Walt didn’t rip them out of library magazines. I always scan both sides of such enclosures, even if I know only one side is pertinent, just so readers have a sense of the originals.

I wonder if Ruth got the gist of this letter—”Please don’t cut your hair!” I don’t know what a war haircut was or how it would, for example, help in the war effort, but I’m sure there was some silly explanation. And, no, short hair does not look the same as hair that is pulled up.


Feb. 19th—I believe
(year) Ha.

My Dearest Ruth:—

How are you this fine sunny afternoon, I should say,—this lovely evening. The weather is (w) velly good,—warm, sky is blue,—(w)velly much O.Klay.

So you had to take the girls home and then run home in the rain, unh?—Whatsa matter, are they afraid to go home after dark,—I’ll bet you girls were silly,—I can picture you three together on an afternoon. My goodness me! I’ll bet there were some good stories floating around—I betcha.

So you are getting a permanent, and a war hair cut—ummmm! I hope you get your picture taken first and then after—For, if it doesn’t work—I want to retain some proof that at one


time you were really good looking sweetheart.—Ha—It maybe a good thing—I’m sure I couldn’t say. Summer is coming and I guess long hair is very uncomfortable in hot weather. So that is one good point. And you know I always liked long hair, but I always thought you looked best with your hair up, So maybe you will look good with it short. Another thing, if it is long it will never grow short but if it is short it will grow long again so you are not taking much of a chance.

And,—as for me honey—I know who and what you are like so a little thing like a haircut wouldn’t make any difference to me—Ha. Except when I come back I’ll have to see for myself which way my Honey looks best, For the


simple reason that she is a Queen, therefore she must look the part. Isn’t that right. Yes’m.

And then again (to continue) you’ll be keeping right along with me—Ha—You ought to see my haircut boy they sure do cut it short.

I got Twila’s letter today. It was nice of her to write me—I suppose you know what it contained—She said she was madly in love or something to the same effect and that she went nuts every time she didn’t see the guy—Which way does she go nut hunting—O, excuse me—Is that the guy who is supposed to look like me, or still you could go nut hunting in different fashions (ways) (methods) (or something) (There I go—Silly unh?) (Ha)


I thank her for the letter, I’d better get started and write her one, I reckon.

We took a cross country ride on horses this morning—I suppose we went about ten miles. I liked it.

Nobody has said a word about who is leaving or when, and this is the 19th already—Time gets shorter.

Hope I don’t get sent any farther away (T) I guess I’ve said that before—That’s all that bothers me,—(I mean I take everything else for granted). That I won’t be able to get back to see you. Ah—Guess I’ll be able to make it some way.

They gave us (everybody, officers included) Yellow Fever shots today. In case we are sent to a tropical country to fight. They also gave us some instruction on jungle warfare. I’d much rather go to the N. Pole.—Ha.


Ha—now don’t get mad—Of course you wouldn’t.—I’m sending some pictures of women with short haircuts—1926 model—I got them out of old N. Geographic Magazine—they reminded me of a short hair cut—of course I imagine this is a lot different.

Well I reckon I better close for tonight Honey

See you tomorrow night.

I love you

I see you


I love you

(- —- —)

Say how in the devil do you write in the inside of the envelope.

Love Walt.

Enclosed magazine cutouts. Note written on one: Ha—Here is yet another style.


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