02 March 1942

This is the first letter that hints, albeit jokingly, that some information is classified. I often wondered if that was the reason so little military information is in the letters. Some later letters are clearly marked as having gone through the censor, even though I’ve never seen anything deleted.

I had to guess on the order of the last closing pages that were created by Walt apparently having two sheets of writing paper together. Even looking at the originals again, I am unsure of the order, except by the once—twice—thrice—forever sentiments. Sometimes on folded note paper, Walt writes the first page on the front and subsequent pages inside, with page two on the right and three on the left, then finishing on the back. There are other times when he puts the first page on the inside right, as if in a card, and then you don’t know where two and three will show up without page markers. Here is another look at this letter, which he originally thought was on one sheet of paper:


Mar 2, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

I’ll probably have to finish this elsewhere as it is about 8:55. So I’m going to hurry. I just shaved and am going to take a shower—Boy do I smell good umm. I have some of your noxema, (I still have a little left.—and then (put) I put some powder on—If you smell this maybe you can smell it. Can you?

I went to the orderly room this morn. and found out I made a high enough mark in the classification test to take the Officer’s training course—of course that is a small factor—and even if I was sure I could take it I would be undecided. The average mark in the test is 60 or 70 and you have to have 110 to


to qualify for the O. (C.) T. course. I don’t know exactly what I made but the the orderly told me I made over that. Allright Unh?

I think we fire the [illegible cross out] 45 revolvers of horses tomorrow—Boy I bet that horse of mine will rare and say, will he “highball”

How did you like my little poem yesterday—Ha—After I reread it I decided it could stand one ‘hell’ of a lot of improvement. Ha.

Some of the fellows are leaving this wk—Nobody knows where yet. And even if I did know I couldn’t tell you as you might be a spy.—Ha.

Well Heck—Guess I won’t have the cash to get my watch fixed



this month—that’s not a hint—I just (happendd) happened to think of it as I see it in the same box your picture is in. Gee Honey—as I look at your picture it seems that noo no one could be a beautiful and sweet looking as you are—like an angel—my guardian Angel—Unh—Nope an angel allright, but, my sweetheart.

Well Honey this is kind of short but I’d better sign off—I reckon

So I will say

Goodnight Honey

Love me? yes.

I love you.


[unnumbered page 4]

I love you.


[unnumbered page 5]

I love you, once.

[unnumbered page 6]

I love you, twice.

[unnumbered page 7]

Am I dumb, I didn’t know I had two sheets of paper together.

I love you thrice.

[unnumbered page 8]

I love you, forever.




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