22 March 1942 (2)

Walt—the master of saying nothing about a subject in about as many words as possible. I guess “stomach trouble” is some kind of shorthand for worry about pregnancy—maybe.

Walt says he might try again for the Air Cadets, but I don’t remember hearing about that earlier. Maybe I missed it. I had been waiting to hear the first mention of his going into flying, so I’m sure there will be more about it in the coming letter, although there aren’t any letters from Texas until November 1942.



F Mar. 22, 1942.
Say how many 22nds are there?
and I can’t remember whether its Feb. or Mar. part of the time.

Well how’s my Honey today:—

Better I hope, I sure wish it I could be with you today and at the same time be as nice a summer day there as it is here—It’s lovely, It’s warm, It’s sunny—Not a cloud. I’m all alone (except your here, Guess I’m not alone then, Unh?) in the 2nd floor of the barracks—No one up here. So I ought to be able to write and write, only I guess I’ve told you all the news.

Say Ruthie—Is there any thing wrong with your health that you haven’t told me about—You’ve got me going around in circles. Now a person (girl) (women or otherwise) doesn’t go and have stomach trouble (or otherwise) just for no reason at all, does she? The first thing you know my black hair is going to turn a few different shades of (purpll) purple and suddenly turn white.

Now perhaps I’m going at this kind of funny and probably I’m all in a lather for nothing and I’m sure as hell not joking—what I mean is I’m not meaning to make light of the subject (say if you get head or tail of this, your good) but after all one can make mistakes and I’ve only been away


a little over a couple of months (Although it seems to me as if it’s been a couple of years.) and there are still a few things fresh in my mind from my last few nights in Ohio—(Youngstown.)—For your sake—I’m crossing my fingers—(It) I wouldn’t be able to look you square in the face again—(illegible cross out) I guess I’d better drop the subject for (illegible cross out) now, unh? Until I get a few more (lines) words from you on the subject. xxxxxxxx(- —- —)

I wrote you last night that we were being sent to Camp Funston—and I believe I also said I didn’t think I’d like it—well I’ve got an idea—If I don’t, I think I will try again for the Air Cadets—I’m not quite sure yet. In fact when your in the Army you are not even sure of your name.

Jim Goddard (I guess I haven’t told you) tried once for the Air Cadets and was (“washed out”! He’s going to try again—That was what partly gave me the idea—He’s one of the nicest, clearest thoug thinking, fairest fellow I ever met. I like him a lot.—I wish he and I could stay together in this man’s army,


but as he has a couple of yrs. of College he would get more preferance [e i Ha.], although I know he don’t know anymore about mechanized then I do—Ha—Big me.

He sure is one nice fellow tho—Doesn’t drink, smoke, chew or otherwise and he can do one thing that I wish I could do—He sure can sing. Sings all the time. But don’t get (illegible cross out) ambitious Ha—He’s shorter then I am.

(Ie) I’ve never answered Twila’s letter yet, I supposed I should get started, but I don’t know what in Hell to write her.—In fact although I like her I don’t care to [illegible cross out] write any girls but you.—Your my sweetheart.—Aren’t you?—Why of course you are

say—I don’t know whether I finally, (by some powerful thinking) came upon your secret or not but you can write in the envelope if you try.

[illegible cross out]
a mistake
as usual)

Well Ruth, my darling as I am being driven by a powerful urge,


I believe I’d better sign off with a kiss, Will take one in return, a couple of them, if you please.

I love you


(- —- —

Note inside envelope:

To my sweetheart,

I love you, yesterday, today,





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