26 March 1942

I’ll be interested to see if we hear about Jim Goddard in future letters, for example, whether he and Walt reconnect in the Air Corps.

Mostly, though, I’m surprised this letter was saved intact and not shredded or marked up or stabbed with a letter opener. Don’t you just want to yell at Walt to stop talking about getting letters from another woman and then going over their few dates? At least he didn’t state her name, though.


Mar. 26, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

Here I am again, late, as usual these last few days. Better late then never I guess. Unh? Maybe after I get settled at my regiment I’ll try and get back on schedule. I hope. But I expect to be busier there then I am here, as it will be a new outfit and will be pretty strict I imagine.

I have my clothes and misc. objects all packed and am ready to leave in the morning with the rest of the boys. I’m kind of glad


to get out of here,—although I don’t know just what I’m getting into. It’ll be a change though, that will be something.

The main thing I hate about leaving is that Jim Goddard isn’t going. He is going to stay here for a little while then he is going back to the Air Corp. He was in it before he came here,—He is sure a swell guy—wish we could stay together—but guess the Army is that way—always parting with somebody.

So your hair cut is going to be an im-


provement. Unh? Well you ought to know Honey. I’ll bet it will be too, but will withhold judgement until I see the pictures.

I have not written Twila yet. Gosh Honey I can’t hardly find time to get a line sent to you, let alone write to her, I will tho. I see by your letter that she is wondering why I haven’t written.

So I’m going to get a furlough—Well I sure do hope your right. I’ll sure do my best to get


it. I’m not going to try it until summer, I mean when it is summer back in Ohio.

My oh my—Elizabeth had the measles—tsk-tsk—I guess it is a good thing,—she’s over with them now.

I got a letter from the church today—I think the idea is all right but the letters are kind of dumb—especially to me as I don’t know a hell of a lot about the people concerned. Now for instance, What do I care what the Young peoples society for this or that does. Not that it isn’t allright, but it isn’t much interest to me. Ha.


You know I recieved a letter from a girl I had about two dates with almost 3 yrs. ago. I got one from her about a month and a half ago and didn’t answer it, now I have another one—She’s nuts, she signs it love—She doesn’t know love from the man in the moon. That “crap” from somebody like that gives me a pain where I can’t explain. What I can’t figure out is, she tells of all the good times we use to have but I’ll be damned if I remember any of them, The only


time I was out with her was the New Years I told you I got in a fight and told her I done it because the guy said something about her, and he didn’t. And once after we went to a show—and I took her home about ten o’clock and went out with some guys, she didn’t know that tho. But what I can’t figure out is why she does all the pretending, she must think she making a lonesome soldier happy. Well I’m rather lonely but I’m sure not lonely for her, I’m lonely for a sweet little girl in Youngstown.


Well Honey—I guess my next letter will be from Camp Funston. Another little chapter in a like begins—Boy, a little was sure does change things.

Well Honey, I’ll see you tomorrow


I love you

x Walt. x

(- —- —)



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