27 March 1942

This is the first letter from Camp Funston, which is just a part of Fort Riley, so it hasn’t been much of a move. I’m not sure when Walt gets better about putting return addresses on his envelopes, but it does become a routine later.

The Mildred and Paul episode sounds interesting, if I knew what it was about. At first I thought maybe it was an elopement, but why would the police come after them? I have no idea who they were, so unless it is elaborated in another letter, I guess it will be a mystery. It’s possible that one of the letters from Ruth will spell it out.


Mar 27, 1942

Hello Ruth Darling:—

Well Honey, we left the C.R.T.C. today. And now I’m in the 15 Cavalry—Mechanized.

My address at present is:—

Pvt. Walter E. Pittman
Service Troop
15 Cavalry
Camp Funston, Kansas.

It will very likely change as soon as they find out what I am qualified for.

I don’t know myself just what it is all about yet so I can’t very well tell you about it. More later


on the subject. Personally I don’t like it yet, of course my opinion might change. I’ll find out.

So the police found Mildred and Paul in Steubenville—Tsk.

Well I don’t quite think that was the proper thing to do, It might work with some couples but I doubt very much whether it does with them. They are too “flighty” I hope it does tho.

You say 1/3 of the men on Federal st. are in uniform, I can’t understand it. They tell us we can’t get one but I’m going to try when the right time comes.


Don’t you think I ought to wait until summer to try?

As we came into Camp Funston today we met an outfit going out. They were fully equiped (equipted) equipppped or “sompin,” and didn’t know there destination. I guess when our time comes to leave we won’t know where we are going either—Ow Wah!

I wish your Mother a happy birthday and 70 or 80 more of them.

Well Honey I’ll be looking


forward for your pictures.

Well I’ll have to say—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt. x

(- —- —)



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