29 March 1942

More of the running joke of Walt writing to Ruth’s friend Twila. Maybe he means it this time.

There are one or two little spiral notebooks that Walt kept as a diary, but the dates don’t indicate a year. At least one is very dull, like a log book, and the other seems to me to be later than 1942. Whether he started one when this letter indicates is unknown, but I will try to figure them out later in an appendix.


Mar 29, 1942.

Jello again Honey:—

Another Sun. afternoon has rolled along and here I am a writing as per usual. It is a very nice day, I hope it continues this way.

I came over here (Service Club) with a Mexican fellow (Larry Saldibar) a right guy, hails from the San Fernando Valley in Cal. He was playing the Nickleodian so I had him play “The Anniversary Waltz,” O.K.?—O.K.

I don’t have much news yet as nothing has happened, but I have been trying to talk myself into believing that I will like the joint. Dunno—I’m so changeable you never can tell what I might do. Ha.

I believe I will start to keep a diary, (——(damn,—this is the 3rd. pen I’ve tried.) How does the idea sound? You never can tell I may record some real action sometime.

Some of the fellows have signed up a truck drivers allready, I don’t know what I want to try, I guess I’ll just let nature take its course and trust to luck, at least I’m going to wait until I see what their is to pick from.


I think we will very likely start our new training tomorrow, there probably won’t be much as they haven’t their full quota of men and haven’t recieved tanks, truck, jeeps, motorcycles, etc.

I am in the Service Troop, if it is a repair outfit I am going to try and get into something with a little more action.—Hope a hope.

Well Honey, I know this is very short but I will write more as soon as we get going.

Hope your mother, father, Ruby, etc. are O.K.

I suppose I’d better write twila a few lines, but I don’t know what in the devil to write. I’ll try and say something tho.

So Long

I see you

I love you

x Walt x

(- —- —)

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