03 March 1942


Mar 3, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

How are you this fine, sunny, spring day. I hope better then usual and then again tomorrow, even better then that.

This morning it was beautiful—We went horseback riding, started about 8:00, and Honey the birds were singing everywhere. Sure did sound and feel like spring—You know, every-time I see a pretty sunrise or sunset—or a night when the stars are out and the moon shines or like this morning when the birds are singing I always think of you and wish you were here (illegible cross out) with me to see and or hear them.

About 60 fellows are leaving here for parts —— they are going


to the Medical Corp. there are about 220 or 240 men in our troop so it cuts it down quite a bit. They are gradually cutting out the 8 balls. Only the “cream of the crop” will stay in the “horse cavalry,” and say, I sure want to be one of them—but you never can tell.

I had my picture taken this morn. standing by my horse. Was dressed in Mackinaw and winter cap—I suppose it will look like the devil. Will send it to you when I get it.

I just took a shower, shave and saddlesoaped my shoes—never ends—same thing every evening.

Oh yes, the Lt. told us that almost everybody would be out of here by the 17th. and for sure by the 27th. Time grows shorter and shorter.—


One of the fellows went A.W.O.L. Sunday. He was a nice “kid,” lived in Indiana. I suppose they’ll catch him and then he will be worse off then ever—Too bad—I wish him luck tho.

Well Honey—guess I will close for tonight.

Love me?

I love you

Why sure you love me. don’t you Honey—Sure, guess I’ll never get tired hearing you say this. Only wish I could hear you say it now.

Goodnight Ruth

I love you Walt.



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