30 March 1942

And there it is, Walt’s return letter to Ruth’s friend Twila. I guess he talked himself into it in the last letter.


Mar 30, 1942

Hello Honey:—

Another day has rolled around and Mar. is almost gone.

Almost three months since I’ve seen you and still I feel alone.

Well, guess that was a bad start so I’ll stop right there.

I finally wrote that letter to Twila, I couldn’t think of much to say. I think I talked more about us then about anything else, so I don’t suppose it will be very interesting to her—[illegible word]—what of it unh?

We took a long hike this morning and saw our first training (schools) films on Mechanized Fighting today. I may get interested in this yet. I dunno—but I’ll find out.

Gee Honey I sure do miss your letters, I wish I hadn’t told you to stop writing as they bring our letters over from the C.R.T.C. by truck and we get them as

[unnumbered page 2]

usual. You don’t know how much it means to me to get a letter from you, I always feel about ten times lighter when they call my name on “mail call,” For for I know I’m going to get a letter from my Honey.

You know it won’t be long until Easter. Are you going to join the Easter Parade? If you are I wish I could see you, I sure would like to have a new suit and you a new suit and then we could walk [illegible cross out] together in the Easter Parade, on a Sun. afternoon, a warm spring day, birds singing, buds bursting, Hearts feeling light and gay, Ha,—say Honey—if I keep on I’ll make myself believe it’s Easter already—Nope—I guess you couldn’t make this Army life feel like an Easter with you—Besides, it would look rather funny to [illegible cross out] be going down Federal str with you in a Spring outfit and me in boots and (illegible cross out) breeches. You know, that is the only uniform we have now. They took our stacks [slacks?] away from us. Just boots and breeches in both the Mechanized and


Horse Cavalry. Now wouldn’t I look nice going into a restaurant or night club back East or going to church—Ha (illegible cross out) They quit giving us sheets to—We have to sleep next to a wool army blanket—Kind of itchy or scratchy—I guess they want us to get used to it so we won’t mind “cooties” when we get into action. My oh My.

Well I guess I’d better sign off for to night as I’ve said about all I can think of for one evening. So.

Until tomorrow

Goodnight My Love

I love you

x Walt x

Your future husband.

If you believe in something strong enough it’s bound to come true. [arrow from believe to future above]



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