04 March 1942


F. Mar. 4, 1942

Dearest Ruth:

Another nice day, I should say a nice afternoon as it rained this morning. The sun is shining now tho and I hope it keeps right on shining. One thing we have in common is that, the same sun shines in Ohio as shines in Kansas, Unh?

Some of those fellows that I said are leaving for

Those fellow I told you about last night are going to the state of Wash., Okla., and Texas. Holy Smoke, if they send me to Washington (illegible cross out) Well—it’s a long way.

Sorry you were sick, Wish I could be there to “pep” you


up. Right now I wish that you were here to “pep” me up as I have a light headache and am very tired, also, the lower, sitting part of my anatomy is as tender as a babies —— Ha.—We [illegible cross out] trotted and galloped fro for 4 hrs. straight this afternoon and I flopped and bounced all the way. Oh I guess I’m not doing so bad tho. A Lt. came up to me the other day and said I was doing all right.

I am going to get a picture of the regiment—I think.

Do you ever hear of Harold and Dorothy or Kent or L. and A., or do you ever see Beach or hear from Aunt Ruth—or hows Ruby and Ruthy and your mother and Dad and Grandmother or Twila or does


your heart beat for me—I was just thinking of some questions I could ask you and that poped into my mind. I thought maybe if I asked a few questions it might be easier to write. Unh.

Gee Honey I’m really ashamed that I haven’t written your mother or Ruby. I would write them right now, but I don’t know exactly what to say. It’s a little different with you and I, I could talked to you anytime—but with somebody else I ought to have some news.

Well I guess I won’t write them until I get some more stamps—I’ll save


what I do have for you.

Is Twila still going with that guy you was telling me about, and how is club coming along, [illegible cross out]

Tried to trace—didn’t work. [large area of page where some sort of eagle/shield insignia was traced over, but then crossed out] Guess I’ll say Good night Honey

I love you sweetheart

I love you.


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