1 May 1942

Walt talks a little about being proud to be in the army and how he can see all the guys becoming more soldierly, despite their griping.

Walt went to see 1942’s The Male Animal, a romantic comedy about college professors; Walt recommends it. Here’s the trailer:

A transcript follows the letter images.







May 1, 1942

Miss Honey:—

Here I am again. It is Friday night—nice night—nice day—etc. Nice letter also; the one I recieved yesterday was short but by far the nicest one I have recieved in many a day. (By the size of this writing you would thing they were headlines).

What do you know—I got paid. After they took out what I owed them for Canteen checks and dry cleaning I got exactly $5.30. Isn’t that nice.

Say Honey—They are playing “Yes Indeed,” first time I’ve heard it in a long time. They just played “Moonlight Cocktail,” or sompin’ it is all right.

I have to take a test on motorcycles tomorrow—probably will “flunk” it.

Once again you say it is like spring in Ohio—Makes me wish more then ever  that I could come home for a few days—forever but that is impossible.


Once again you write a few lines that I like to hear, and once again (I hope it never grows old.) I’ll answer that I still love you, I love you still, Still we love.

You say you want to say things but you just can’t write them—Well, I write lots of things on paper that don’t seem to explain the way I feel but—I have to write it some way—so I take a chance that you will get the right meaning from them and go right ahead and write.

I went to the Post theatre and saw “The Male Animal” I thought it was very good and I almost bursted laughing. Ha—If you haven’t seen it and if it hasn’t already been there you ought to see it.

It was quiet in here awhile ago but some “Yardbirds” came in and it is no longer quiet.

I’m going to fold the next sheet over and see if I can write better—The sheets are to big for the box I write on.


Do you knew what I just thought of. That night that Beach came in,—Boy that sure did supprise me—We just naturally and mutually fell asleep with our heads together and “bingo” there stood Beach—can you imagine that. That was one time I didn’t hold you, I guess we were holding each other. Ha—I often think of those things and hope that some day we will be together again.

And some of these days we will be, sure as your born.

You know Honey—Sometimes I get pretty low—and wish I weren’t here, and after while I think of fellows who are married and have children, they are here too;


I’m not the only one, everybody here gets “blue” now and then. But, underneath it all I’ll bet everyone is more or less proud of being in the Army. Every now and then one of them will say he wishes he would see some action across the water. When we fall out for retreat everybody curses and swears about falling out, but after they get there they stand straight as a board and never move (at) while they are at attention.

Slowly but surely they mold a fellow into being a soldier. We don’t even realize it, maybe I should say a lot of them don’t realize it, but I often


think of it. Fellows used to say that they’ed be damned if theyed ever be a soldier but you see them now as pretty fair soldiers. I

Every day I wish I was with you, wish it more and more, but at the same time I am more proud of the fact that I am a soldier.

A lot of civilians don’t think much of us—A lot of them probably have reason as there are a lot of “riffraff” here. On the other hand I wonder what those same people would do under the same circumstances.


As for myself—I don’t get into (illegible cross out) the “scrapes” some of them do. A lot of them don’t have anything back home to hold onto—but I do—

The sweetest little Sweetheart in the world. She is the one I hold onto, remember and will never forget

I love you


x Walt x

(- —- —)


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