10 May 1942

This package contains a few postcards mentioned in the letter, one of the courthouse in his hometown, a couple of Fort Riley, and a couple of funny ones about “yard birds,” so be sure to check out the images before the transcript.

I agree with Walt that Gable/Rhett shouldn’t have given up on Scarlett so easily, since he knew her personality from the beginning.

A transcript follows the letter images.











May 10, 1942

Dearest Dearest:—

Here I am again. It is Sunday afternoon—just finished chow and shaved. I ate 6 pork chops—can you imagine that.—You know—I was thinking last night—I haven’t  had a “cube steak since a left Youngstown. ‘Member how I used to eat them.—Ummm.

So you are going to see “Gone W.T.W—I saw it twice—like it too.—Only I always tho’t “Gable pulled a (g) dumb one when he left her that morning—Don’t you think.

I heard a funny one the other day—A fellows relation came out to see him—also his girl—When he came back Mon. morning I ask him how it was—He said.—


“It was allright what there was of it”—Later he said—”There was plenty of it, such as it was.” He is a screwball.

Mom sent me a dollar—So think I will go to the show tonight if it don’t rain. It rained a little this morning and still looks a little like it.

I’m listening to the 7th Symphony by Schubert or sompin—I don’t know what in the world it is supposed to be—But it fills in the time.

The funniest thing—sometimes after I shave and clean up it seem as if I should be going down to your place—and I’ll think of it every now and then—can’t seem to “shake it,” Every few minutes it seems,—I’ll be doing something and hurrying to get thru


just as If I was coming down to see you and after I get thru—I have no place to go—Nothing to do—If that isn’t the damnedest feeling.

I suppose I’ll start to school again in the morning—Same old grind. Only a couple of more weeks to go and then it is hard to tell what I will be doing—Probably something I won’t like.—Boy—Am I optimistic.

Ever dream anymore—Just wondering, I hadn’t heard you say anything about it for sometime.

I have a couple of postcards I am going to send—One of Home, a couple of here and a couple of some “Yard birds.” You can stick them away somewhere.—Wish I had a camera I would take some pictures—Don’t suppose I would ever have money


to get films—Just got an idea—When we start to get $42.00 I will get one—One that will take some pretty good sized picture—They will be nice to look at someday. Unh?

Well Honey—I have some mending to do—So guess I’d better get busy—So—So—So—

Until Tomorrow

I Love You

With all my heart and more then that and then some

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)

Backs of first two postcards:

Signed O. B. Hawkins, but it’s not clear if the cards are from him or if Walt thinks the characters are like him.

Back of picture of Venango County Courthouse and city park in Franklin, PA:

I’d like to have a home under some trees like this—Ha

Back of picture of Fort Riley Headquarters and Hospital:

Out barracks are behind these about 500 yds or so. We are here temporarily. I hope. Whitside is a hospital—this shows a very small part.

Back of picture of Non-Commissioned Officers’ Quarters:

Some building in Fort Riley proper—It was started long before the Civil War—In Indian days.

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