11 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 11, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

How are you today?—Guess I start all letters the same way, don’t I?

Boy Honey I’m all mixed up.—Tonight at “Retreat” the 1st Sgt. announced that there would be furloughs issued to 15% of the Troop from the 27th to the 3rd inclusive of both dates.—That means about 14 fellows out of the Troop will get them, I think that is the amount. well—we had to sign our names on a paper on the bulletin board—And I waited a little while, thinking about it—it comes before payday—I’ve no money—And it would cost somewhere around $30.00 and I wouldn’t have any—money when I got there.


Well I decided to sign anyway—but when I got there the paper was down, I don’t know whether they will put it up again or not.

They are giving a furlough at the fourth of July—the same way—I’d like to get one then—but—there are fellows who have been here 12 mos. that haven’t even had a 3 day pass. They, the noncoms and the married men will get the preference. “Doggone it anywho.”

So your making a dress unh?—Fine ting—I imagine it would be a good idea to make, buy, steal and (embezzle) all the clothes you can.—for I guess it won’t be long before you people will be going around in your “birthday suits”


Of course—it will be allright if the make the skirts shorter and shorter and the neck line lower and lower—the dresses will have to go the way of the slips.

Why, I sure do love you as much as I did—More then ever.

I went to school again—Same old thing.

Can’t think of much to say—so

Until Tomorrow

I see you

I Love You

x Walt x

(- —- —)



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