13 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 13, 1942.

Hello Ruth:—

How are you tonight, O.K.?—O.K. I went to school again as per usual, it is getting monotonous—(very) in fact I think I’ll try to get out of it—If possible.

From all the rumors I hear—I think we are going on an overnight hike Fri.—(say—did I say that last night)—My memory is lapsing into a coma—”Coma”—thats me from stem to stern—maybe I should of said comma. (,)

That was a cute little joke about Lance, Jim and Chuck—Personally,—if I was her I’d go with Jim in the afternoon, Lance in the evening and go home with Chuck.—Amen.

Maybe I said this before, I don’t remember,—but I think we are going to start wearing our summer uniform Fri.—I hope so as the O.D. is to warm;


I put some of your letters in envelopes again last night. I read them all as I went thru them—and Honey—I must say, they are a very nice collection of letters—I kept them all in order as to dates and as you see I numbered the envelopes.

I heard another rumor today that I hope is a fact!!!—One of the fellows said he heard that they were going to send so many fellows on furloughs every (8) eight days until everybody gets a furlough—Boy Honey, I hope that is more then a rumor.

I sure do want to see you—very, very much. And I hope that I get a furlough during warm weather—it would be much better then when it is cool or cold, unh? Yep.

I sure do miss you, have more and more ever since I left. Although a fellow gets more used to the Army and their ways—and gets used to an altogether different kind of living—Ha (I) misses (miss)


the ones at home (you) just as much (more) then ever.

Some of the fellows say when they go home they want to stay, but, as they know they have to go back to the Army and (can’t) don’t have time to settle into their old ways of living that they are glad to get started back. All they want is a visit until it is all over and then a few of them they will get out for good.

Oh well—I suppose I’d better get off that subject and tell you——

I Love You

I see you

Goodnight Sweetheart

Just Goodnight until tomorrow—you don’t mind do you—O.K.

Until tomorrow

Goodnight—I Love You Sweetheart

Sweet dreams

x Walt x

(- —- —)

(J’aime Vous)

do you—You do?—Fine.


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