14 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 14, 1942.

Hello Honey:—

I’m back again with another epistle or “sompin”. Sorry to hear you had a headache and I sho hope it is better.

It is rather cool here today, looked like rain and still does but it hasn’t as yet.

I guess the fellows who are going to mechanics school don’t have to go on the overnight hike. I would have rather liked to have gone as it would have broken the monotony.

As for me suggesting an alternate plan other then me getting [above word t, below word tt] a furlough, well Honey—The only one that I could suggest is your coming out here;

[unnumbered page 2]

I sure would like that very, very much but I think we ought to wait awhile longer until we see just what happens along the furlough line.

If I made more money I could think of another alternate, one that I would like better then me coming back there or you just visiting here—that is you could be here permanently.—but, I don’t make more money so I guess we will have to forget about it for awhile.

If after awhile (if you were thinking about the first plan I thought of) I don’t get a furlough, I can’t see any good reason why you couldn’t come out here for a little while—Do you? The only reason I don’t say “Hurry up” is the poor facilities they have around

[unnumbered page 3]

here for visitors. If I don’t get a furlough I’ll solve that problem in a rush.

Now if your solution was different then this I guess you will have to tell me.—Ha—That made me smile when I read it ((It has) It was) For it gave me a chance to make a suggestion I’ve been thinking of for some time.

Well Honey as I have some questions to answer I suppose I’d better sign off for a while so

(Untill) Until Tomorrow

I Love You



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