15 May 1942

Poor Walt—It’s hot, he’s running out of paper to write on, and again he mentions that he didn’t get to go on the hike because he’s in the mechanics training. Well, that won’t last.

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 15, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

My Honey O.K. Today—I hope so. I am, except I’m just a (trifle) little on the “Blue” side.

Most of the troop is gone on the Hike, the mechanics didn’t have to go. We have a test tomorrow. They just played “Smoking or Rolling my last Cigarettette Ha—ettette—crazy unh?

It has been a beautiful day—Sun has been shining and it wasn’t too warm.

My letters aren’t going to be too long for awhile as I’m just about out of paper and “busted” so don’t think I don’t want to write more, if I didn’t have you to write to

[unnumbered page 2]

I sure would be lost.

It sure would be nice if I could get a furlough along about the latter end of August—we could celebrate couldn’t we—Yes’umam we could.

I wish we would change into Kaiki. (summer uniform) It’s just a little too warm as for wool uniform.

Well Honey—Guess I will say Goodnight

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

(- —- —)

Note inside envelope:

Love meeeee

I love youuuu.


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