16 May 1942

Walt gives reading instructions here, and I had to see if I had the pages in the right order. When I first scanned the letter, I followed a routine of scanning one sheet, then turning it over and scanning the other side. That put them out of order in the original PDF, because I was assuming he wrote front to back without reading the content. So, I took the letter out its folder in the filing cabinet and matched up the pages to the correct order:

I’m also glad to see that I guessed correctly in the 9 May letter that Walt probably meant “Tangerine” and not “Tambourine”! All that sheet music Ruth kept in the piano bench paid off—and her singing.

A transcript follows the letter images.










May 16, 1942

Read fronts first—
then start on the
back of the first.

Hello Honey:—

How are you tonight?—Ha—Every night I start out the same way unless I stop and think.

26 fellows had their name called out for furloughs tonight—I kinda wish I would have got up there in time to have signed my name. I’ll bet I get it signed the next time which will be around the 4th of July.

To pick them they picked the names out of a hat. I told you before that only 15 would get a furlough at one time, but I was fooled


as 26 were lucky. I hope 26 fellows get them one the next time and that I am one of them.

We had a very nice day—a test this morning and atheletics this afternoon. I laid out in the grass for awhile and then played some Volley-ball. Took a shower, shave, __, eat “chow”—and am writing on Bennett’s tablet at present,—by the way, he was one of the lucky ones—Ha—He said if he ever got home he’d make sure he got home on a furlough 9 mos. later. He’s He has ideas hasn’t


he?—Maybe she has different ones.

Say Honey—That was some dream your mother had—I sure did get a lag laugh over it. Do I look that way now—I tho’t I looked rather like a tame little rascal boy. She must be getting some bad ideas about me. Ha.

Guess I forgot my usual Sat. night lamentation—I forgot to say that this is another blue Sat. night with nothing to do and bright prospects of nothing to do tomorrow, but I imagine I’ll live thru it.


One thing I’m glad of anyway.—they are starting to give furloughs here, so I ought to be reasonably sure of one someday unh?

There is a rumor that we will go on maneuvers sometime in August—Just a rumor tho.

Another rumor is that the 15 Cav. Regiment is to be a show outfit to build morale in the U.S. Some of the fellows say we are to travel all over the United States to big Parades in (Big Citys) If they ever do I hope they head for Youngstown.


Personally I don’t believe it.—I don’t think they would waste so much money on equipment—Do you? No of course not—but maybe unh? Can you figure that out—I can’t—Well Honey I suppose I’d better say

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love, Love, Love You

I Love You

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)

Start on Page I—.
on the back.

[unnumbered verso of the first page]

2nd Installment:—

Part [illegible cross out] I

Section I

Article I

Par. I Ha-Ha.

I just thought I’d start again. I went to the Privy—goodness!, what am I writing, anyway I did. And you know me—Every time a stranger wants to talk to someone they pick me. So I stayded stayed down there and listened to a guy from Alabama recite a few past experiences,

An then again, here I am again.

Yep—here again and run out of words again.

Oh yes—they are playing “Tangerine”—Ha—Am


I dumb, I don’t know where I got that “Tambourine” stuff—Must of dreamed it.

I’m glad you finished your dress—I would like to see it.

Well Honey

I’ll be seeing you


I Love You








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