18 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.





May 18, 1942

Hello Honey:—

Hello Ruth—nice day?—it is here—Feeling O.K.—Not yet unh—oh well—two or three more days. What? oh yeah I can add—maybe I should add a day or two more—I dunno.—What, I’m crazy—Ha.—You’re telling me.

Say Honey, that was some sermon I recieved—I didn’t mind—I rather liked it—If it weren’t for some little things like that you wouldn’t be you—besides—a little of that don’t hurt me a bit—does me good.


So your listening to “Waltz Time”—Wish I was. I love you and waltzs.

A couple of fellows are going to Ack Akron, O. to learn to re-cap tires—Wish I had been picked—wouldn’t that of been nice.—Owww. Also one is going to Milwaukie to a Motorcycle school. That wouldn’t be bad either.—

Well Honey—I’ll see you tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love you


This is short—but—So is this—I Love you—It means a lot tho.

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