19 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.







May 19, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

How is my Honey tonight?

I’m sitting on a stone on top of a little hill that lays west of the barracks. It is about 60 or 70 ft. high and is rather quiet [written between the lines: (not the hill—its quiet but the sentence doesn’t sound right]. I can see for about well—from horizon to horizon I imagine about 10 or 15 miles.

It probably seems funny that I can see so far from so small a hill—but were situated right in a river (Kansas or Kaw) valley, and on either side is a range of hills not very high but plenty rough.

It is pretty now but I imagine in a mo. or so it will be different. The trees and grass


are green—I should say,—what few trees there are,—are green. If I ever get the means I’ll send some pictures of the place—Off to my right,—across a small hollow and on another hill is Ft. Riley proper—Where the big shots—General, Capts. Majors, Col, etc. Live—across from it is Marshall field.—

In front of me is our barracks strung out over a 1/4 of a mile and further out is the Whitside (barracks) Hospital—further sill is the river and 3 or 4 miles out is the first hills—On my left is a big stone quarry where prisnors work—I think they are desertors


or something. Behind me is hills—Above me is a pretty sky—under me is my—oh!—excuse me I mean a rock.

A Santa Fe Streamliner just went past—East bound—wish I was on it—I can also see a Santa Fe Bus heading East.—It’s “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”—Buses, buses everywhere and I can’t ride. Nuts.

It is getting a little dusk now—there are some Whiporwills flying around and I just heard a Bob White.

I’ve been sitting here for about 15 min. just sitting, looking around—my mind a blank. Nerts unh?


So you are starting another dress—good—you sure are getting industrious. Hope I get a chance to see them soon. It looked O.K. in the picture. I like that kind—I like them when the seams go from top to bottom, they look much nicer I think.

Well Honey it is getting cool—(gets cold as the devil at night, hot as Hell during the day.) So

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You


x xxxx xxx

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