2 May 1942

The Sib whose birthday Walt forgot is his younger brother. I knew him as Uncle Earl, but I also knew that many family members and friends called him Sib, a form of his middle name, Sibley, and a family name. Walt’s mother had a brother named Sibley, and Walt would later make it the middle name of his own son.

A transcript follows the letter images.








May 2, 1942

Dearest Ruth:—

How is my Honey tonight? O.K.? Fine.

The Weather:—

Rained continually all afternoon, all morning, all last night (backward—ha). They are having floods in Western Kansas. I hope they haven’t any around here. It won’t effect me any—but I hope they don’t.

What am I doing?—

A couple of fellows and I came over to Camp Funston [(here) I mean where I am now] and went to a show and then came over here (Service Club) you understand? I knew you would.

They (the two fellows are

[verso of page 1]

shooting a game of pool while I write my Sweetheart a letter.

I’m glad you remembered Sib’s birthday—I forgot it until today. Gosh Honey I hope I remember your birthday and some future anniversarys better then I remember these birthdays now.

I hope it is a nice day tomorrow, as Sun. is the only day we have completely off.

Also, you are right. I am going to call you up if I can find a nice quiet telephone somp someplace. I’ve tried but every public telephone I’ve seen yet is in such a noisy place that I know I wouldn’t be able to hear you


Also—I’m afraid I won’t be able to think of anything to say—can you imagine that? I think of something—then I remember that we will only have a couple of minutes and I want to hear you too. I suppose when I do call we won’t say much. It will be worth it tho—Just to say and hear a couple or three words, won’t it?

I bet I’ll be more nervous when I step in front of that mouthpiece then I would be of stepping in front of a “mike” or a rifle.—Ha

Actually afraid—no kidding. I know that the time will be so short and I know I’ll be tongue tied—Gives me a little thrill even when I think of it.—Ha—Just like a little kid with a new toy—Ha.

[verso of page 2]

I don’t know, but if you can’t talk over a couple of hundred miles, I wonder if you will be able to talk over several hundred.

I suppose this (wl) will be taking advantage of your mother but I am going to call person to person even if it does cost more. I’ll explain:—If I call party to party and don’t make connections with you it will be so much money wasted. If I call person to person and don’t it won’t cost anything and I’ll be able to call again. I can’t write and tell you when I can call because I never know. In two or three days time I might be on guard—alert guard—Someplace else at school or the Lord only knows. So when I call I will make a guess and hope I guess right.


As I feel an urge and I have a couple of miles to go before bed check (11:00—time now is 9:45) I had better sign off.

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

P.S. If you get this and I haven’t allready called, don’t worry—I will have a good reason for it.

And also! Don’t stay in waiting for I’m (I think) a pretty good (“guesser” guesser) I’m pretty good at guessing what you are doing at certain times—and if not I’ll catch up with you sooner or later.


x Walt x

(- —- —)!


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