22 May 1942

Sally Rand, if you don’t know, was what I would call a fan dancer, a dancer in burlesque who used large feather fans to hide behind. I’m not sure if
Walt was serious about her living nearby with a husband in the Army or if it was a joke, because I can’t find much information about husbands that would fit with such a story.

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 22, 1942.

Hello Honey-bun:—

How my Ruth tonight? Nice today—not to hot or to cold—Suddenly changed to rain about 3 minutes ago—Funny weather huh?

I might of made a big fool of myself tonight, (nothing unusual) I was offered a chance to go to an advanced Mechanics school and turned it down. I don’t know whether I should of have done it or not but I think I know what I want or rather what I don’t want. I don’t want to be a mechanic.

[unnumbered verso of page 1]

If I had gone I would have recieved a Sgt. rating when I finished but it would last for 3 mos. and that would cut me out of a furlough—maybe I won’t get one anyway but if I went to school I know I wouldn’t.

We have a review before Gen. Milliken tomorrow morning at 10:30. He is the Commander of the 2nd. Cavalry Division—the big shot [above line i; below line o].

I just read in the paper that Sally Rands husband is recieving his basic training in B-1. The same troop I was in (at the flats) She is living


in a little town called Manhatten. I ought to meet her. Ha.

A fellow just brought the stationary from the orderly room. Thank you—I sure did need it—I had about 4 more sheet of tablet paper left. I see by the name of the paper you want some long letters unh?—Well I’ve kind of run out of B.S. but I will write what I can. Until [illegible cross out] tomorrow—I Love you

Goodnight Sweetheart

x Walt x

P.S.—I have some cleaning up today to do, and pronto

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