23 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 23, ’42

Hello Ruth:—

We had a lovely morning for our review, it was the largest one I have seen yet, even at that I guess it was small compared to some. The Gen. made a farewell speech. He is taking a new command—where I don’t know. Our new General is named Coulter (that is the way it sounds anyway) That don’t mean anything to we common soldiers tho—we never see them anyway and if (the) we did they would probably give us “hell” for something or other—Ha.

Have you taken the snapshots yet, if so I’d like one (Say—did you tell me you were going to take some—I can’t remember whether it was you or whether somebody else told me—Ha—Nuts unh?

I heard a story:—

A professor is school ask a girl named Twila, “What (dialates) dilates on a man to three times its normal size?

Twila stood up and blushed and stammered around and finally sat down.


He called on Ruth and she said “His (ey) pupils in his eyes.”

The professor said, “Thats correct Miss Dailey and as for you Miss Johnson, you are just an idle dreamer.”

Too much imagination unh?

I just ate “chow” and came from “mail call,” but I recieved your letter at noon. I wrote to Aunt Ruth and told her to send my swiming trunks—I don’t know whether she got my last letter or not, I haven’t heard from her for some time and wondered if maybe she didn’t get the last two. I think I had of told her to send my dark glasses—they would come in handy.

Well Honey—Until tomorrow—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)

Note inside back of envelope:

I Love You

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