24 May 1942

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May 24, 1942.

Hello Sweetheart:—

The letter I recieved today from Miss Dailey instills in me a new hope for the future, I sincerely hope the (profecy) prophecy will come true. So much for that bunk! (I mean that style of writing)

But I’ve had a feeling (hunch) that maybe a few things will come to pass and I’d be willing to believe any old witch who agreed with me.

I would sure like to get my furlough in June—but the best that could happen to me would be—That it would be possible for me to take the examination for the air cadets and pass it. Then (it) I would automatically get a furlough and also learn to fly. I don’t suppose I ever will get a chance to take it tho. At any rate I hope I get the furlough—right now that is what is bothering me.

I’ve wanted one this week more then ever. I think of these fellows going


on their furloughs Tuesday and I sure wish I was one of them. I don’t know why but every time I turn around I think of you. I just can’t get you out of my mind for some reason or another—Not that I want to—but it seems funny that I should be thinking of you all the time. (Your) You must be thinking of me and my mental telepaty is just tuned to your frequency—Ha—If you’ll just hook up a little more power I’ll talk to you—Don’t put too much power on or your magnetism will draw me A.W.O.L. or not.

You know—It used to seem funny when I was at Aunt Ruths, I’d leave there to go to town and for no especial reason I would go to your place.—In the meantime you would have already called—I’d say we were pretty well tuned up then. Those were the days. I hope with all my heart I can get back soon and get another kiss—maybe two,—or three.

This was a nice Sunday—Sunshine, blue sky—etc. All the things that go to make up a nice summer day.


Write and tell me what your medium tells you when you have your private seance. I hope it is favorable for you and me. If and when I do come back on a furlough you will have to treat me like a little boy—Ha—I will probably be just like a f bashful, little boy. Can you picture it. Maybe not but I can.

I heard a story:—

A fellow and his sweetheart went to a jewelry store to get her a watch.

They looked at a Waltham, but it was to expensive, they looked at a Bulova but it didn’t suit her.

The jeweler ask the fellow why he didn’t give her a good Gruen.

He said “I did but she still wants a wrist watch.” Ow wow.

A fellow just came in and said that the fellows names who obtained ratings would be published tomorrow. I probably won’t get any as I refused to go to the motor school.


I hope I didn’t make the wrong gamble—I (usual) almost always do the wrong thing when I take a chance. So far it always turns out that way except when a I take a chance with my life—I believe I could jump off the Woolworth building and just sprain my ankle.—(What) How did I get started on that subject unh?

Well Honey, I guess I’ll have to say—Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You more then I ever did, but I don’t see how I can do that as I don’t believe I can love you any more then I did or do. So

Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

P.S. I didn’t mind you calling me Honey bun—I rather liked it. I was just trying to sound indignant—Ha—You can call me anything you want—I never heard you call me anything out of the way yet, (unless it was under your breath) So Goodnight Honey bun—I Love you.

P.S. I Love You

Note inside envelope flap:

I always look in here the 1st thing. Its is a nice idea. So I will give you permission(s) to continue with

I Love You

(I love you

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