26 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.





May 26, 1942
(I think)

Hello Honey bun:—

You know I love you? You do. I just tho’t I’d ask for if you didn’t know, well I’d just tell you again—I guess I will tell you anyway—I love you.

Excuse the pencil Missy but I am “Charge of Quarters” at the Regimental Garage tonight so as you can see I wouldn’t have a pen with me.

Boy oh boy is it hot—I perspired today so much that I began to stroke once (backwards) in a while—I tho’t I was in swiming.

I hear we go into summer uniform tomorrow but I’m not sure—I hope.

Well Honey, the boys go on their furlough tomorrow—I think some of them will start tonight. Pierce (a friend) said he’d kiss his girl once for me—Ha.—He very likely will too. Ha.

It sure does make me more lonesome to see them go—I get to hoping so much for one on the 4th. that I probably sure will be disappointed (when if) I don’t get one.


You see, there will be 25 fellows out of 150 get them the next time so I stand a bigger chance of not getting one then I do of getting one. Another thing—Another instructor handed my name in for school and they might make me go anyway.

Say—That was some joke Bob Hope cracked, “but oh how true—and whats the difference (Ha) I’d open a beauty salon—How would that be?

So you didn’t find out, after all, what the future was going to be Unh?—Oh well—it’ll be a supprise now.

Well Honey—I guess I will have to say

Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love you

x Walt x

Your Honey bun

(x xxxx xxx)

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