27 May 1942 (2)

The post script in this letter might refer to the previous letter dated 27 May, but I can’t be sure, especially as they both carry the same handwritten dates. Otherwise, I’m going by the postmarks for these two letters for order.

There is quite a Wikipedia write up for Raymond Scott, mentioned in this letter, although I have not found the song lyrics referred to in it.

The other songs Walt hears on the Major Bowes Amateur Hour radio program.

A newspaper photo clipping is included, apparently of someone Walt and Ruth know, someone named Harold.

A transcript follows the letter images.






May 27, 1942.

Hello Ruthie me darling:—

I’m very sorry for you if it is as hot there as it is here. My hands even sweat so much my I can’t hardly roll a cig.

I’m telling you it is hot and getting hoter.

I heard a rumor that I am going to be one of the Troop mechanics whether or no. I don’t care much tho as I will have a good Sgt. to work under. I “s’pose”  you think I’m goofy because most of the guys would like to have the job.—It is not exciting enough for me.—Ha.

I just heard a blues song by Raymond Scott that would set your heart on fire—It did mine—Especially the way she—(whoever it was) sang it—000000—Maybe it is old—I think it is—You’ll know here is some lines I remember—

“Love is calling me
I’ve got to go where you are”______
“If you live I’ll find you.

I can’t remember the rest

[unnumbered page 2]

Man oh man—it was beautiful, sad, and almost everything a song could be.

Here comes “Johnny Doughboy” on Major Bowes—I mean on his program.

Now—”Indian Love Call”

So much for songs—I love you songs or no songs.

So you finally run out of paper unh? A good thing I sent it unh?—Yep.

We have a lot of trucks and jeeps now, but we have to inspect them and break them in before we use them much.

Well once again I’ll say it—Hope it don’t grow old

Until Tomorrow

I Love You

x Walt x

(* **** ***)

P.S. Don’t mind the letters that I write when I’m (don’t) “down in the dumps” (like last night)

Look at the picture in side. It does me good to see a picture of anybody I know—Love—Walt.

Note on photo clipping: Do you see Harold.




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