27 May 1942

I don’t know if this was really written on the 27th, but it was postmarked on the 28th, so I’m posting it before the other letter dated for the 27th, which was postmarked on the 29th.

A transcript follows the letter images.





May 27, 1942

Dear, Dear, Dearest Ruth:—

[above greeting pointing to Ruth: Dearer to me;  below greeting pointing to Ruth: more Dear to me]


How are you? I’m glad to hear it. I’m O.K. too except I’m mighty lonesome and damn near melted and roasted, baked and broiled, (frag) fried and boiled etc., et cetera, etc.—Nuts, ain’t I? Yep.

If you think there is anything wrong with me just pay it no heed—I’m perfectly normal except that it has been (p) “hotter then hell!”—we had a very poor supper, I had exactly two beers, I’m getting sick and tired of all this “crap” out here and sure wish I was back with you—Out side of a few major and minor things I am perfectly O.K.—Don’t kid yourself,—I mean don’t let me kid you (I’m) If they don’t start doing something exciting out here I be ready to go nuts—Another month of this and I’ll be “flappin” my arms around and think I’m an eagle, when all the time I’m just bat s or a bug s

All kiding (ad) aside (I suppose I ought to quit writing this way) but I would rather

[unnumbered page 2]

come home and see you now then any other thing I know of. I don’t know why—I just would. If I could come and see you now for 4 or 5 days I wouldn’t complain again for 6 mos.

Man! is it hot—I guess I’ve said that before Unh?

I got a letter from Aunt Ruth today.

And you just go right ahead and tell your Hunky friend where to go. I’ll tell him to if I see him. Altho I don’t blame him, I would try and date you too if I was him.

Well Honey

Until Tomorrow

With loads of love

I Love You

x Walt x


(                   )


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