3 May 1942

As predicted in the previous letter, Walt was tongue tied when he made his phone call to Ruth, which he analyzes here.

Walt refers to a movie, and I’m thinking he meant Andy Hardy, the character played by Mickey Rooney, but since he doesn’t mention a movie title, it’s unclear. The Andy Hardy series of movies ran mostly in the late 1930s, and the character could be thought of as overacting, as Walt tries to describe.

A transcript follows the letter images.










May 3, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

Well Honey I just came back from Funston. And I just made the dumbest telephone call I believe I ever made, but I’m sorry , I couldn’t help it.

In the first place, it was like I told you last night. I was as nervous as could be, I couldn’t think of anything to say to save me—I guess I had so much to say I didn’t know where to start.

It took such a long time to make connections and then the first time I couldn’t hear—between that and the second tine they connected a glee club started to sing and when you would say something I couldn’t hear or I couldn’t talk either.

There is one thing:— I don’t want you to think I said goodbye so quick because

1 1/2

I was sore or anything like that. I didn’t know how much time had elapsed it seemed to go so quick and at the same time I was afraid it was longer then I thought it was. Under the circumstances (noise) I didn’t think it wise to continue because it runs into money if you are overtime and I’m afraid maybe I shouldn’t of called person to person.

I do want you to know one thing Ruth, it still done me a lot of good. You were just like your sweet self. Ha—Couldn’t say much unh?—I believe I was smitten dumb. You talked like you—I mean you said Yes! (j) like you—you sounded just like you—Just as always, (illegible cross out) I hope you always talk the same, sound the same. You are beautiful—although you won’t always look the same for, you will grow more beautiful as time goes by.

I was wondering. Did you expect me to call? Something just seemed to tell me all day “Call”


“Call”—”Shes home.” So I called. Sure enough you were there.

I was just thinking of another angle. I bet all the opperators from here to Youngstown had their ears to the phone—Ha—I bet they got a laugh out of me—Anyway they didn’t hear much—They would of heard plenty if I could of managed to get it into words, but, So help me—I was tongue tied.

Another thing I was afraid somebody else was there and I didn’t want to put you in a “spot.” I’d cut off my arm before I would embarrass you—Unless of (cu) course—Sometimes I like to “kid”—but I try to be careful—unh? I wouldn’t in front of anybody tho.

The sun is shining—guess I did manage to tell you that.

Ha—Something else kind of funny:—I hope you heard me say “I love you” A lot of other people did—Ha.

2 1/2

I said it—and remembered that the booth walls were kind of thin—I looked around thru the window—and saw some fellows and a couple of women look around—I don’t think I blushed but I came about as close to it as ever. I always try to make it a point not to be supprised into a blush but once every new moon I almost fail.

Did you ever see me blush? If you did tell me when—there were times when if I wasn’t on the outside I sure was under the surface. Ha.

It used to “tickle” me when you wouldn’t say something because you were afraid you would blush—Ho-Ho.

And I’d like to hear you crack one of your funny little jokes again—You always made me feel better with them.

Say Honey,—it sure is funny what the least little sound of your voice seems to remind me of—I can hear you, see you—almost touch you.


I hope you didn’t but I’ll bet I can tell you what you felt like—You (wer) were under a tension—I could almost feel you grasping my shoulder.

We usually felt pretty much alike unh?

I Love You.

Weather Forecast:—

I think we have all the promises of a nice day tomorrow.

Flash—Some girl is singing “BlueEchoes” or (Blues) “Blue Echos”—It’s pretty much O.K. [There’s a curved arrow pointing from Flash to one of the lines below, but it’s not clear why.]

“I’m getting Sentimental Over You.”

I am                 ”                     ”       “

I saw something about (a show) “Andy Hary — —” Ine I nearlybu “I nearly busted a gut” Say is that German or Esparanto. As a rule I never cared much for him—I always thought he put too much acting in his acting. But this one was pretty good.

The main actress reminded me of you in this way. She was pretty when

3 1/2

her hair was down—I liked you that way too. She was beautiful when she put her hair up like you used to do—You were beautiful then to.—When we get married you can wear your hair down thru the week and on week ends (you) and ocasions at times you can supprise me by “showing up” with your hair done up. Unh?

Just listen to me telling you what to do,—Ha—I guess I’d better leave that up to you. The reason I said that was—Thru the week we will be the best of companions—On the week ends, when you put your hair up, it makes you look so much like a fragile, beautiful angel I’ll just sit you on a pedistal and worship (y) you—Those adjectives aren’t a misprint either, I know exactly what I meant to say.

I have great expectations for the future—Why shouldn’t I?—we have everything to win, nothing to lose.

Until tomorrow

With all my love

Goodnight Sweetheart

x Walt x (- —- —)

Love me a bushel? Yes. O.K. Honey

Note on back of envelope flap:

They are singing “La Paloma” ahhh

Note inside envelope:

Hpe I get tht lng, lng ltr tomrrw
Thnk yr mothr fr th phn cl.

I love you

x Wlt. x


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