30 May 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.








May 30, 1942

Hello Sweetheart:—

Do you have a kiss for me? You do. I can have two or three the first five minutes? I (and) can. “Goody” Boy oh Boy! And (oo) if you only knew how much I want to collect them. I am very sure that I don’t have a large enough vocabulary to tell you how much—and I’m not kidding!

It is very hot—I took a shower before “chow” and need another one.

I went to the P.X. with Red Robinson and drank a couple of beers and I am lying on my bunk now and I don’t have very many—well, If you were here with me or I was there with you, and you were dressed like I am, well—there would very likely be an explosion—or a heat wave or something, or do you understand—You do? Yes I imagine. For if you were an ice box to some people you sure weren’t to me—Thank the Lord—etc.


You know Sweetheart—I guess I’ve told you before (in fact all this wk.) that I miss you more and more—more then ever—it must be the weather or “sompin,”—probably or “sompin”. If I could just hold you for awhile, sleepy or wide awake or otherwise—It would be heaven—Kiss me? Thank you. It’s a good thing for I’d have kissed you anyway—Say,—I’m overbearing and think I can have anything I want don’t I—but—just that far and no farther, unh?

Say Honey—If I’d get a few shots (which they don’t have in Kansas) I’d probably start (hich) hitchhiking back to Ruth.—

Got another kiss—I guess I should not write like this because it makes me lonelier then ever—but I can’t help it—I (got) have to get a few things of my chest once in a while, don’t I?

You know—I was (illegible cross out) really starting to sit up on my bunk when I read the first part of that paragraph you wrote. Quote:—”He is awfully nice, honey, and I’m sure it would be allright. Would you mind?

I was doing two things at once—I was saying under my breath—”No, I don’t mind.” and at the same time my heart fell so hard I heard it thump—No kidding—(W) When I read


(“You needn’t answer that sweetheart, I was only teasing you”) I heard it thump back up again.—Whooee. But I like your reason best of all—Selfish, am I not.

I hope that medium did know what she was talking about. (I guess (according to your story) you will be allowed to smoke—Ha))

Have a cigarette?—No—Oh, excuse me, I forgot.—Yeah—I guess you know about how much about you I’ve forgot—I haven’t forgotten one little hair on your head or well—I just never will be able to forget you.—Besides I don’t want to in the first place. And—by the way, dear—

“Sugar is sweet,
Wasn’t it?” [curly bracket pointing to this line: That’s That is the last straw—The last one Ha]

So you played me a song—for me? I liked it—even if I couldn’t hear it I liked it anyway,—for I’m sure I was near there somewhere.—Must of been if you played “Moonlight Serenade”—And (you) you are “Always In My Heart”—Altho I get blue and “bluer” yet—Still You will be “Always In My Heart”—You know—Every now and then I hear Glenn Miller. And our song.


Yes Honey, You have really written quite a letter. I liked it very much. I liked it very, very much. Much more even then that

Nuts ain’t I?—I liked it anyway.

Oh Yes—(fo) For the last couple of weeks or so I rolled my own. This morning I ran out of it and a fellow (lent me) loaned me a pack—I loaned him a pack once before. Then this afternoon when I only had 3 or 4 left I got a whole carton from your mother. Whoopee—I sure did need them and Thank her—for me—Maybe I’ll get a chance to thank her someday.

Well Honey—there is some of my (our) kind of music on the air now—You know—the kind of music that weaves a spell and takes me to you even tho your far away—Lovely music “Yeper.” As I said before, “Well Honey”

“Until tomorrow”

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You


i love you

x Walt x

(* **** ***)

Written sideways, in very small print, next to closing:

They are playing “Tangerine” now—(R) Pretty unh?

I love you

x Walt x

I love you  I Love You  I Love You


Say—It’s the Hit Parade—are you listening

Note inside envelope:

I Love You

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