6 May 1942

There haven’t been many reference to the war itself in these letters that are mostly about training and loneliness, but this letter mentions the fall of Corregidor. As noted in this article, the battle was fought just in the last two days before this letter, so it’s a reminder that even soldiers taking boring classes and worried about how their breeches fit were keeping abreast of the battlefronts, even as they missed their sweethearts.

A transcript follows the letter images.








May 6, 1942

Hello Darling:—

Well, I recieved my two letters today—Just as regular as clockwork. I sure do depend on them.

Gee—guess from your letters I just read again I could write all night.

I’ll answer in the order of your letter.

Do I love you?—You can just bet I do, more then ever and that isn’t possible—So I don’t know just how to explain just how much I love you.

Yes my dear, I can imagine


that the trial was rather interesting. Now don’t take me wrong—but—From a biological standpoint plus a desire for more knowledge on the subject I would like a more explicit explannation, If it is possible—for instance—the name—how it works—what it does—etc. No kidding I would like to know—the first thing I know you will be way ahead of me.

I sure would like to see the lilacs—(I) I know they are very pretty and you can smell one for a block—I would like to see them, I doubt very much


if there is a lilac bush in Kans.

It is too bad your pyjamas are getting too small—but to tell the truth, I believe I will like the beautiful sheer (transparent) mightgown better—I’ll bet, in fact I know you would look like an angel descended from above in it—Oh me:—I can see you now.—And as for you getting personal with me—I like the way you write about such things—It makes me feel a little closer to you—If it weren’t for such personal things it would be too much like writing to “just a friend—don’t thing you think?


I’m glad your parents like mine—It makes things better, now doesn’t it? Sure does.

Went to school again today—same as usual—nothing happened.

Well Honey—We heard today over the radio that Corregidor (or whatever it is) fell—tough luck unh?—One more place we will have to gain back—I feel sorry for those fellows—Seems to me Uncle Sam could throw a few more ships, planes and men their way. Every place they (Japs) get a hold of just means one more place


we will have to fight to regain and it is harder to regain a place then to keep it.

I found out some more news about this Regiment—it will be the only one that is totally mechanized from “stem to stern.” It makes me laugh when I think that I joined the Horse Cavalry. Ha.

Well I guess I said everything shorter then I tho’t I would so—Until tomorrow

I love you

x Walt. x.


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