9 May 1942

Songs mentioned:

Glenn Miller’s “Serenade” by which I suppose he means “Moonlight Serenade.”

I can’t find any song from the era that is even close to the name “Tambourine,” so I wonder if Walt means “Tangerine.” I’m skeptical that he could get it that wrong, but maybe it was a version without lyrics.

“Somebody Else is Taking My Place”—I couldn’t find a version by Guy Lombardo.

“The World is Waiting for the Sunrise”—Here from Benny Goodman in 1980. I don’t know what version Walt might have been listening to, with or without lyrics:

A transcript follows the letter images.







May 19, 1942

Hello Ruth:—

My goodness me oh my! Is it Hot? I hope to tell you it is. We had our Review this morning and inspection of barracks afterward. I perspired so I took a shower at noon. We had mass athletics (at noon) in the afternoon and I played Badminton without my shirt—started to get my shoulders and etc. tan. My hands and face are pretty brown now. Well anyway—I took another shower when we finished—laid around for awhile—eat chow and need another shower already.—Ha–I guess I can stand some of this weather for a while tho.

So you started to get my letters,


Fine—that first one was so thick I didn’t know whether it would get thru’ or not. Glad it did.

The box your were talking about is O.K. I suppose it ought to be the size of a trunk tho,—If this war keeps on—We will have a lot of letters—might just as well have them too—It will make a fine collection Unh? Besides I just couldn’t throw them away.

I think I’ll send to Aunt Ruth and ask her to send my “trunks”—I doubt if I will get a chance to use them but might possibly get to the “pool” at Manhattan sometime. Hope a hope. I haven’t heard from her for a long time, I don’t know whether she owes me or I owe her—So if I get time I’ll drop her a line one of


these days.

You know Honey—The sunrises here are as pretty as the sunsets—They are beautiful. We see them every morning except Sun. too. Some day you and I will see a sunrise if we have to stay up all night to see it—Ha. By the way—I heard Glenn Millers Serenade again—I sure think it is swell. I heard Tamberine or Tambourine or sompin’—ha—It’s O.K. too. I like —”Somebody Else Is Taking My Place”—I mean I like the music—The words don’t fit us very good tho.

I suppose tomorrow will be another quiet Sun. Hey—Guy Lombardo is playing [arrow points back to previously mentioned song] now.

Don’t get me wrong when I speak of you as fragile—The most


fragile women is twice as strong as the strongest man.

Honey—”The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise”—Pretty unh?—You bet it is.

Well Ruth—More tomorrow

Until then

I see you

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

” Love You

”     ”     You

”     ”     “

I     ”     “

I Love  “

I Love You

(x xxxx xxx) x Walt x




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