12 November 1942

More about Ruth being ill, and notice that this letter is addressed to her parents’ home, where she has been taken to recuperate. Walt wishes she would get a job closer to home. He also mentions her returning to Youngstown after Christmas, the current plan for after their wedding.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

Nov 12, 1942

Get Well

Hello Sweetheart,

Do you know that you have a powerfull lot of explaining to do to me. These letters of yours are perplexing—very—First you say you come back to your Aunts sick, Your mother quits work and her and your Dad come after you and take you home with them, For two or three days you are sick, Yesterdays Day before yesterday’s letter says your are a little better—Then you are well enough to go to work but your Dad won’t let you—then bingo—you say you’re too sick to write and when you write in the morning I can tell something is wrong—either you wrote with your left hand or you were laying in bed or you couldn’t see very well—your hand writing gives you away. Then you have nerve enough to say that it is only a “tummy ache.” Horsefeathers sister! Tummy aches don’t last that long for no reason. Now what is the trouble. Something you ate or didn’t eat.—A cold—Worrying about your job, or Christmas or


what—Something is wrong and you’ld better get well soon now. If your Grandmother bothers you while your sick I’ll wring her damn neck, and you can tell her that. I sure hope you get better soon because I don’t like it a little bit. I don’t suppose you do either unh?

We had a very cold trip to Kansas City Tuesday morning—wow—Everybody almost froze—It was nice yesterday tho.

I had to tow a dead 6 x 6 about 60 mi. in to K.C. and  a Scout Car with a 37mm. gun on behind it about 100 miles back to Camp—Maybe you think I didn’t have a job on my hands.

Nellie’s girl just asked him in a letter how his little “how is my little thing getting along”—He said he is going to ask her what she is talking about—Ha. If he gets something funny in a letter he lets me read it—Sometimes if you say something funny I let him read it. He says that gal of mine is right on the beam. That is what I say too. Amen.

Vive La France!


So Mary Jean and Elmer were down, were they? I would have liked to have seen them also their baby—I’ll bet he is cute.

Speaking of kids I would like to see Jimmy with his curls cut off—He is a real boy isn’t he?

Honey you know something—These weeks seem to be going slow but it won’t be long now—Just a few weeks and I’ll be seeing you—Whoopee—You had better hurry and get well Honey—It won’t be long. As for me it can’t be too soon—I sure want to see that sweet little girl from Youngstown, I want to give her a nice big hug and a kiss, just a special one for being my Honey. Think you would like that. I’ll betcha.

If you haven’t sent that 10.00 yet, don’t make it a money order—just slip it into a letter, it will come O.K.

Well Honey—It is just about time to say goodnight and for me to crawl in to my little bed—So—

[unnumbered page 4]

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

Hurry and get well Honey—I don’t like to hear of you not feeling well

I Love You

Forever yours

x Walt x

I Love You


Gonna be my wife soon aren’t you—Sure

I’ll be writing to a different address then

Mrs W. E. Pittman
Mrs. Walter Pittman
Mrs. Ruth Pittman

Whichever—I love her

I Love You

x Walt x

Note on envelope flap:

Snell and I played a Joke on Fields and tried to make his girl believe he has a lot of girl friends down here, So if you get a funny sounding letter you’ll know it was from him. He said he was going to “mess” us up.

I Love You

x Walt x

Note on back of included photo:

Gregory and Mayes.
Always wrestling.

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