17 November 1942

Walt is on a train riding through Texas on his way to San Antonio to begin training in the Army Air Cadets. He is pleased by the warm weather (so far) and has seen his first cotton field.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Nov. 17, 1942.

Dearest Ruth,

How is my Honey today? O.K.? O.K. If you can’t read this it isn’t because I’m intoxicated it is because This train is like a canoe—you know—rather rough.

It is 10:40 and we are going South thru Texas—rather astounding isn’t it? The land is very flat and desolate—Sure seems funny. The sky is rather cloudy but it is warm.

I guess we are going to a rather warm climate—I hope so at least. I would like to spend a winter in the South and be comfortable. If it is warm, I’ll be sure and let you know so you will be able to plan the weather also. We are supposed to get into San


Antonio sometime this evening, I think around 6 or 7:00. I wired O.B. and told him to wire me $10.00 to the station there—I was going to wire you but didn’t think you’ld get it in time. I hope he does as I’m broke—I don’t even have money to eat on, on the way down—now isn’t that nice—We have to live on our own money while we are traveling down and then they pay us back sometime.

Still love me—Sure Honey, an’ I know you do—I’ll never tire of hearing you say so tho.—I Love You.

I saw some fields of cotton today for the first time in


my young life. If the climate keeps on getting better I think I’ll like this very much. And I’m still expecting to see my Honey at Christmas time which will make me like it much more. Yeooww! Maybe we can spend our few short days together in Sunshine instead of Snow. I’m still hoping for a white Xmas tho.—Ha.

The main thing that has been occupying my mind ever since I knew I was going down here is “Will I get anytime off—any days, evenings, will I be able to get out of Camp—what are the circumstances going to be—Wow—sure wish I knew. It has got me worried. I guess everything will turn out O.K. tho. If it

[unnumbered page 4]

doesn’t I’m going to wish I never heard of the Air Corp. Cause I love my (little) Honey and I sure want to see her at Christmas time.

I’m going to say “So Long” until I get another chance to write, which I hope will be soon—so—

Good morning


I Love You

x Walt x

You’ll be Mrs. by Christmas

I Love You

x Walt x


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